‘Marrying Millions’: Who are Sean Lourdes and Megan Thomas?

Marrying Millions features new cast members Megan Thomas and Sean Lourdes. In a modern take on rags meets riches, will their bond win out in the end? The producers of 90 Day Fiance bring eager Lifetime viewers another surefire hit with Marrying Millions. Who are they? Do they have what it takes to stay together despite their vastly different income brackets?

Marrying Millions: Meet Millionaire Sean Lourdes & Megan Thomas

World collide right from the jump on Marrying Millions with Megan Thomas and rich lover Sean. He was born into money as the heir to a longstanding publishing company. As the third generation to benefit from that success, he has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Love interest Megan grew up in a working class family from California. Do they have what it takes to go all the way down the aisle?

In addition, the two met when Megan Thomas applied for a job at Sean’s place of work. Lifetime says she was 15 minutes late for the interview and left. While their initial first meeting didn’t go as planned, Sean Lourdes found her on Facebook later and the two struck up a conversation. It seems one thing led to another. And, while Megan didn’t land that initial job interview, it seems she landed Sean’s heart.


Marrying Millions: Is It All Business?

Marrying Millions spoilers reveal Sean Lourdes’s relatives aren’t too keen on his choice of partners. It seems they don’t want to let just anyone become part of their legacy. Sean’s father is adamant Megan sign a prenup. Meanwhile, Megan doesn’t feel like their potential union should be like a business transaction. It’ll be interesting to see which side wins out as the season progresses.

Marrying Millions spoilers show Megan Thomas is definitely enjoying the finer things in life since being with Sean. When it comes to talk of marriage, she talks to the planner that planned Beyonce and Jay-Z’s ceremony. Not only does she want a wedding like that, she wants it “bigger”. Will the pair find a balance as their relationship goes on?

Will the Duo Finally Walk Down the Aisle?

Lifetime notes Sean Lourdes pursued Megan Thomas for a year and a half before she finally agreed to date him. Fast forward five years and add a son to the mix and the couple are finally looking to tie the knot. But, even after all this time, it seems Sean’s kin in particular are still against this union. It’ll be worth watching to see if the twosome go through with their nuptials. It’s also possible things could crack under the pressure of Sean’s family.

Catch the season premiere of Marrying Millions on July 10 at 10:00 pm only on Lifetime.

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