‘Marrying Millions’: Who are Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce?

Marrying Millions’ Katie Hamilton in a May-December romance with Kolton Pierce. Not only is Kolton much younger, but he is Katie’s teen daughter’s friend and he doesn’t have a job.

A messy divorce from five-time MLB All-Star baseball player Josh Hamilton left Katie with millions. It looks as if she getting ready to share her fortune with Kolton Pierce as they head closer to the altar on Marrying Millions.

Marrying Millions – Lifetime’s Minefield for Haves and Have Nots

Katie Hamilton not only left the marriage with a small fortune but also shares custody of their three daughters with her ex-husband. And now she’s in love with, Kolton Pierce, one of her teen daughter’s friends. As this love affair plays out, the Marrying Millions cameras roll.

Lifetime’s new reality show Marrying Millions follows six couples who profess their love for one another. At the top of their wish list is a wedding. But that’s not an easy feat as each comes from polar opposites where the money is concerned. And while they don’t care, the people in their lives do. But you can expect a ton of drama from this show as it’s brought to you by the same people who created the 90 Day Fiance series.

With one-half of the couple worth millions and the other half far from it, they do not bring equal bank accounts to the table. This opens up a battleground as far as friends and members of both families are concerned. It looks like that age-old question pops up for all six Marrying Millions couples – is it for money or love?

Marrying Millions: Katie Hamilton

Katie Hamilton and Kolton Pierce in May-December Romance

Apparently, Katie Hamilton, 37, was at home one day when her 18-year-old daughter’s friends stopped by. It just so happened Kolton Pierce, 23, was among that group. This started them on the road that eventually led to Marrying Millions.

When Kolton and Katie met, they hit it off. But it sounds like it’s much to the disdain of the people who love her. While only dating a few months, the backlash emerges from the members of Katie’s brood. Also, some of her friends get involved. Kolton also navigates his family concerns as well. He’s 23 and in love with a friend’s mother.

It seems that this couple is serious enough about marriage to get featured on Marry Millions. But Katie Hamilton still hasn’t laid eyes on Kolton’s parents yet. Katie is rolling in dough but Kolton isn’t. This gives Katie’s loved ones a lot of fuel for arguments as they watch her get closer to Kolton.

Marrying Millions: Is ‘Bad Love’ an Omen for Aspiring Rapper?

It seems Kolton Pierce is an aspiring rapper who just released his first single, “Bad at Love”. Is this the red flag of fate sending out a warning through Kolton’s own rap tune? Maybe not – as they do have some things in common despite the roadblocks you’ll find on Marrying Millions.

Neither Katie Hamilton or Kolton Pierce opted to order a drink on their first dinner date. That’s because both have seen the horrors of addiction play out for someone close to them.

Katie’s ex struggled with alcohol addiction. For Kolton Pierce, it seems his mother’s addiction changed his course in life at an early age. Addiction took over his birth mother’s life, causing his adoption at seven-years-old.

Both share deep-roots in the Christian faith. This Marrying Millions partnership claim they’re very comfortable with each other. It’s been that way from the first day they met. To Kolton, Katie looks more like 26 than her real age. Their motto – “age is just a number.”

It sounds like Marrying Millions offers a roller-coaster ride for the viewers as Katie’s family, as well as her friends, make their displeasure known. Not to mention Katie still hasn’t met Kolton’s parents yet.

Tune into Lifetime Wednesday, July 10 at 9 pm for the premiere of Marrying Millions.

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