‘Marrying Millions’ Fakery: Yacht Isn’t Owned by Sean’s Dad – It’s a Rental Prop

Marrying Millions features young millionaire Sean Lourdes and his girlfriend Megan Thomas. In the show previews, Sean and Megan meet with Sean’s dad to tell him they’re getting married. They meet him on “his” multi-million dollar yacht, Scarlet (registered in Miami, Florida). But it looks like the boat does not belong to the Lourdes family. It’s a charter boat that anyone can rent.

Marrying Millions: Who Owns the Yacht Scarlet? Not Sean Lourdes’ Father

A charter company out of Miami owns Scarlet. It’s not uncommon for reality shows to rent mansions, cars and other big-boy toys to portray the reality stars to be wealthier than they actually are. Sometimes rental real estate is used simply to hide the actual residence of the stars.

In this case, Sean Lourdes and his family could certainly afford the Scarlet. Sean’s grandfather, Don Julio Lourdes, founded Auge Publishing Company which is a worldwide magazine publishing empire.

Take a Tour of the Ship Scarlet

At one point, the Scarlet had her own website. Recently, someone took it down. Probably for the duration of the Marrying Millions season. This may indicate the boat may be used again in future episodes.

So, perhaps this will be a re-used plot to add to the “feel” of wealth around the family. But, if you want to take a tour of the yacht Sean Lourdes visits, you can see it in the video below.

Whoever rented Scarlet, they paid a pretty penny. The Scarlet goes for $36,000 a week plus expenses. That’s the sticker price for just the boat in the water, not any hired help, fancy foods, etc. So, if Sean’s dad is renting it, he’s got deep pockets.

Marrying Millions: About the Yacht

Later, Sean Lourdes and Megan Thomas drop by to see his dad. They find Sean’s father on board Scarlet, a 2007 86S Italian custom-built motor yacht. Azimut crafted the boat with its distinctive bright red hull, which is where the ship gets its name. In 2017, the boat was revamped stem to stern and remains a gorgeous watercraft.

It sure looks like they’re seeing someone fancy since they board a yacht for the visit. But his dad doesn’t own the big red boat. It’s a rental. The question is whether Mr Lourdes rented it – or Sharp Entertainment – to add production value to Marrying Millions.

Marrying Millions: Yacht Scarlet, Miami FL

Carlo Galeazzi designed the interior, sparing no expense. And Stefano Righini designed the Scarlet’s flashy signature red exterior. The yacht Scarlet sleeps up to eight guests in its four rooms. The yacht’s rooms include a master suite and a VIP suite. It offers a stateroom and another upgraded suite with a queen bed. The ship can carry up to three crew members as well. Of course, servants at beck and call must be there for the full luxury yacht experience.

Tune in for the debut of the “marry a rich person” hot mess that debuts tonight. Sharp Entertainment is also known for other messy shows including 90 Day Fiance and its many spinoffs plus the delightfully trashy Love After Lockup and sequel show Life After Lockup.

Marrying Millions is on the Lifetime channel on Wednesday nights.

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