‘Marrying Millions’: Rick Sykes Wants Erica Moser Back

Marrying Millions star Rick Sykes can’t take being separated from Erica Moser any longer. But is Erica ready to forgive the anger he displayed when she canceled the wedding? The Lifetime series has lots more drama to play out for these two. Here’s the latest.

Marrying Millions: Erica Moser Tossed Out by Rick Sykes

Erica Moser took her fiancé, Rick Sykes of Marrying Millions, by surprise when she woke up on their wedding day and canceled the impending nuptials. Her family never approved of her dating a much older man. Erica continued to date Rick despite her family’s disapproval, but she started to rethink the situation after the rehearsal.

Rick and his fiancée Erica Moser planned the wedding in Springfield to be close to her family. But once back at home, her family dissuaded her from going through with the marriage on Marrying Millions. Her dad, Eric, especially, was against his daughter marrying Rick Sykes, who is a significantly older guy. After the rehearsal dinner, which Eric did not attend, she had a change of heart.

Erica Moser woke up on what was supposed to be her wedding day on Marrying Millions and told Rick Sykes she would not marry him. Her groom felt she should go through with it anyway, regardless of her family’s disapproval. Rick spent a lot of time trying to win Eric over and thought Eric was okay with their impending marriage. When Erica refused to reconsider, her jilted fiancé became angry and told her to “get the f***” out”.

Marrying Millions: Rick Sykes

Marrying Millions: Rick Waited a Week to Call

When Erica Moser jilted Rick Sykes, of Marrying Millions, practically at the altar, he went back to Miami. His friends tried to brighten him up, but his mood didn’t improve. One of Rick’s friends thought throwing a party on the boat and bringing many young women would lift his spirits, but he could only think of Erica.

Rick Sykes finally got up the nerve to call her after a week of no contact. He said it’s driving him crazy, not knowing what she’s thinking. When Erica Moser’s face filled his screen, he smiled really big. But when Erica asked her Marrying Millions boyfriend how he felt, he admitted the situation upset him.

Marrying Millions star Rick Sykes told Erica he put his heart and soul into planning their wedding. It really upset him when she canceled with no warning on the morning they planned to wed. Rick told Erica Moser she changed his life. He didn’t want anyone but her, and he wanted her back in Miami and back with him.

Marrying Millions: Erica Moser

Erica Calls Jilted Fiance a Jerk

Erica Moser, who left her Marrying Millions fiancé Rick Sykes on their wedding day, told Rick he acted like a jerk. She called it off at the last minute and Erica said she’d never seen that side of Rick before. Even though he planned and paid for her dream wedding, Erica said it gave him no right to say mean things to her when she called it off.

Erica believes Rick should still be respectful to her, and she doesn’t understand why he was mad she called off the wedding. She said he would feel worse if they got married, and she regretted it later. Rick Sykes of Marrying Millions argued that she should stand by her man. Nixed nuptials are no excuse for him to blow up at her, said Erica.

Erica Moser told fans she still loves Rick and doesn’t question her love for him. But there is more to a relationship than love. Erica wondered if she was ready to be with Rick Sykes if he says mean and cruel things. She said there might be too much damage to make it work. Will this couple be able to overcome their hurt feelings and get back together?

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