‘Marrying Millions’: Erica Stuns Rick on Wedding Day

Marrying Millions star, Erica Moser put the brakes on marrying Rick Sykes. Erica’s father vowed his support after refusing to attend the rehearsal dinner. Another couple called it quits as well. Will the pair reconcile, or is it over for good?

Marrying Millions: Erica Moser & Rick Sykes Split

After dating Rick Sykes for a year and a half, Erica Moser woke up on her wedding day and called the whole thing off. Rick got quite angry and tried to convince her to go through with it anyway on Lifetime’s Marrying Millions. Erica said her insides were screaming that this is wrong. She reminded Rick how badly her whole family is against their union, especially her dad.

Erica’s dad, Eric, refused to attend the Marrying Millions rehearsal and told his daughter he would not walk her down the aisle to wed Rick Sykes. Eric explained that his presence would mean he was okay with the idea of his daughter Erica Moser marrying a man older than her father. Rick said he thought everything was fine when he and Eric talked last.

When Erica Moser woke up on her Marrying Millions wedding day, she told Rick Sykes she doesn’t want to go through with it. Rick was incredulous that she allowed her family to interfere with their marriage. Erica pointed out that her family had a year and a half to get used to him, and none of them are happy with the idea. Rick said if that’s how she feels, then she needs to get out.

Marrying Millions: Erica Moser

Erica & Dad Make Amends

Erica sought solace from family and friends. Marrying Millions bridesmaid, Taylor agreed to spread the word on the nixed nuptials. Erica Moser searched out her father, Eric, and they had a heart-to-heart. Eric told her he’d support her, even though at the rehearsal dinner, he said he couldn’t. Eric said he would never stop loving his daughter because that’s what dads do.

Erica admitted she hasn’t broken up with Rick Sykes of Marrying Millions. She’s not sure if she wants to stay with him or not, but for now, they’re not talking. Erica Moser said she’d never seen Rick so angry as he was when she called off the marriage. But she really needs her father in her life.

Eric wanted to know why she called off the nuptials, and Erica said she couldn’t get married without her papa. She admitted Rick Sykes never before spoke to her how he did the morning of their wedding day. Erica Moser said she was afraid Eric would disown her over her relationship with Rick. Will she be able to reunite with Rick Sykes of Marrying Millions, or are they over forever?

Marrying Millions: Kevin David - Kattie Morrow

Kevin & Kattie Put the Brakes on Marrying Millions

Meanwhile, Kevin David and Kattie Morrow seem to be at odds with each other regarding agreeing on goals. Kattie relocated to Las Vegas to be with him after he moved without getting any input from her. In a recent conversation, Kevin didn’t seem to realize that her reason for moving was for them to be together on Marrying Millions.

Kattie no sooner arrived at Kevin David’s place than he told her she had two weeks to find a place and get a job. Kevin was adamant Kattie Morrow isn’t going to hang onto his coattails. She got her own place and a job in a recent episode of Marrying Millions. But her boyfriend took offense at her skimpy work outfit and wanted her to wear something more conservative.

Kattie Morrow confessed Kevin’s deadline for her to get her own place was hurtful. Kevin tried to justify it by saying it was to protect both of them by her not being so reliant on him. Kattie replied that a considerate boyfriend would not let her move to another state, and then Kevin David interrupted to ask if she moved to Las Vegas for him? Kattie Morrow said he just doesn’t get it, and she doesn’t think they should be together anymore on the Lifetime show Marrying Millions. Can these two work things out, or has Kattie found her independence from Kevin David?

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