‘Marrying Millions’: Erica & Rick Have the Biggest Age Gap On New Season

Marrying Millions season 2 features new couple Erica Moser and Rick Sykes. They have the biggest age gap on the show – at 45 years separating them. He and Erica met on social media by liking each other’s photos. They come from different worlds. Erica grew up in Springfield, Illinois. Meanwhile, Rick lives on a yacht in Miami Beach.

Marrying Millions: Rick Sykes Invites Erica Moser To Live On His Yacht

Erica Moser describes growing up in Illinois as an idyllic childhood. She thought she would never leave. Now at just 23, Erica finds herself living with her flashy 68-year-old boyfriend Rick Sykes on his big boat in Miami. He is a retired millionaire with no idea of his actual net worth.

However, RIck admits he has more than anyone could ask for on Marrying Millions. Rick’s family were jewelers and he grew up in Connecticut. After retiring from the family business, Rick decided to live on a four-bedroom mega-boat in Miami. He was married once for 10 years and swore he’d never marry again.

That changed when he met 23-year-old influencer Erica Moser online. After liking each other’s posts, Rick Sykes asked Erica to move in with him on his yacht and she said yes. Now, the two enjoy a lavish lifestyle together on Marrying Millions.

Rick Meets Dad & Grandmother

On Marrying Millions, Erica Moser said loved growing up in a small town. So, she loves visiting her Dad and Grandmother back home. In the last episode, she invited Rick Sykes to meet the family. He’s nervous as he’s a full 18 years older than Erica’s dad Eric.

And he’s much closer in age to Erica’s grandmother. And granny makes sure she points that out to him. Rick says he can tell her dad has reservations about him being with his daughter. But, Rick Sykes says he can change his mind on Marrying Millions.

Erica’s pop says he thinks Rick looks like an old man with a dad-bod. Then, Rick Sykes brings up marriage and that surprises her dad. He says Erica never mentioned it before. Erica Moser says if he asked, she would probably say yes. Later, they go to a local bar to meet up with her friend.

Marrying Millions: Erica Moser - Rick Sykes

Erica’s PDA Creeps Out the Locals on Marrying Millions

At the bar, people stare at the couple especially when they show PDA. But, Erica Moser’s used to this and says she kind of likes “creeping people out” with her much older man Rick Sykes. In addition to freaking out bar patrons, she spends her time on social channels and just got certified as a personal trainer.

Plus, the Marrying Millions young bride-t-be also has a candle line. But, she rarely posts pics of her and Rick. That led followers to speculate if they are still together. She claps back that she posts about Rick Sykes often on her video channel and other platforms.

Erica Moser insists that her relationship doesn’t define her identity. But we’ll see whether that’s true or not as this season unfolds on Lifetime. Get ready to see Erica Moser and BDR (big d**k Rick) Sykes, as he likes to call himself, enjoy their life together.

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