‘Married at First Sight’: Vincent Morales Admits to Overreacting

Married at First Sight celeb Vincent Morales tries to be smooth and perfect in all his interactions with his new wife, Briana Morris. But when things don’t go his way, he tends to show his frustration. Briana is still adjusting to their different personalities and his sense of humor. Can Dr. Viviana Coles help this MAFS couple find their common ground?

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales Wants to Impress

Vincent Morales told Dr. Viviana that he really wants to impress his wife, Briana Morris. Married at First Sight expert, Dr. Viviana said she noticed a pattern of behavior with him. The expert said she could tell he really likes Briana, and he wants her to like him. So, he tries to be perfect, and “when life gets in the way’, he freaks out. Briana and Vincent both agreed she was right.

Briana Morris set up a salsa dancing lesson date for them on the Lifetime show Married at First Sight, but Vincent got flustered when he wasn’t doing the steps correctly. Dr. Viviana asked him what happened? Vincent Morales replied that salsa isn’t his style, and he’s not good at it. He wants to dazzle her, but he felt uncomfortable.

Also, Vincent said he gained weight, and his shirt was tight, and he was self-conscious about it. And then, when he flubbed the steps to the dance, it overwhelmed him. So, with Dr. Viviana’s help on Married at First Sight, Vincent Morales realized he was trying too hard to be perfect for Briana. But he admitted he had a bad attitude about salsa dancing because it’s not his strong suit, and he wanted to look good for her.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales - Briana Morris

MAFS: Briana & Vincent Build Trust

The Married at First Sight experts helped the couples by giving them games and questions to help them learn about each other and build trust. Briana Morris and Vincent Morales took turns blindfolding each other and then asking questions or giving dares. Right answers earned food such as cheese and crackers, grapes, and whipped cream.

Briana dared Vincent to pick her nose, which made both of them laugh. Vincent paid her back with a dare to each cheese with whipped cream. Briana Morris told fans that she appreciated being able to be herself with her Married at First Sight husband, Vincent Morales. Briana said she’s never fully trusted anyone before, so that’s a big step for her.

Vincent asked Briana what the craziest thing he’s ever done is? Briana Morris said the craziest, but the best thing is signing up for Married at First Sight. Vincent told fans she’s right. It’s an unusual way to meet someone, but he believes in destiny. Vincent Morales said they are lucky to have each other, even though they’re not perfect and still working on things between them.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris Doesn’t Want Perfection

Dr. Viviana mentioned that Vincent seems to be trying to be perfect in everything he does. But she said perfect is boring, and it would make Briana self-conscious trying to live up to that expectation. Briana agreed and said she liked her Married at First Sight husband Vincent Morales just the way he is.

Married at First Sight star Briana Morris told her husband, Vincent Morales, she liked his quirks. Briana said he didn’t always have to try to impress her. She was impressed by him being himself. Vincent realized she doesn’t mind when he spills the champagne. And she supports him, which makes him feel good.

Briana told him to just “be yourself,” and the small things impress her. The sentiment moved Vincent, and the couple shared a tender moment in front of Dr. Viviana. It certainly appears these two have a special bond forming. MAFS fans hope Vincent Morales and Briana Morris make it past decision day, as they believe this is one of the best-matched couples. Watch Lifetime to see how this couple moves forward in their relationship on Married at First Sight.

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