‘Married at First Sight’ Twist: Guess Which Bride and Groom Swapped Couples?

Married at First Sight also films in Australia, and will soon be on the Lifetime channel in America. In a wist American audiences won’t believe, two of the couples split and rematched themselves. Married at First Sight experts do their best to make perfect pairs that can go on to have a long-lasting relationship. Often times, as we have witnessed the pairs do not work out.

Many times we have even seen fiery splits and confrontations between the Married at First Sight couples. Now, in a strange twist, two pairs of MAFS Australia participants broke up and formed a new pairing of their own. Do they know something the experts don’t?

Married at First Sight: Australia Spin-Off Debuts This Month

Even though Married at First Sight has a show in the United States and in Australia, they are not exactly the same. The show in the states documents the stories of five couples max at the same time. In Aussie, the new season will follow the stories of 12 different couples. And it’s two of those couples that split and made their own match when the expert’s matchmaking failed them.

In the U.S., Married at First Sight typically only casts people that are in their 20’s or 30’s. Participants are single, have never been married, and are not parents. The land down under gives us a much wider range of people in MAFS Australia. We’ll meet single parents, people that have been previously married, and people well past their 40’s.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk-Luke Cuccurullo - KC Osborne- Drew Brauer-Stacey Hampton - Michael Goonan

Meet MAFS Couples: KC Osborne, Michael Goonan, Drew Brauer, and Stacey Hampton

Originally, the two couples paired up were KC Osborne with Drew and Stacey with Michael Goonan. At first, Stacey and Michael were one of the strongest couples in the love experiment but, things took a quick turn. After allegations of Stacey having a one night stand with Mikey (another Married at First Sight Australia participant), Michael Goonan chose to end the relationship with Stacey.

KC and Drew did not work out because Drew felt that they only had a sexual connection. Drew wanted a more meaningful relationship and felt he and KC would never get there.

The breakup between KC and Drew seems very amicable. You can find comments that KC has left on Drew’s social media and vice versa. They wish each other the best and are cordial.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk-Luke Cuccurullo - KC Osborne- Drew Brauer-Stacey Hampton - Michael Goonan

Married at First Sight Couple Make Their Own Match

Although Michael Goonan and KC Osborne were originally paired with different people at the beginning of Married at First Sight: Australia, they made their own path. They found happiness by matching themselves. You can tell from their different social media accounts how much they are enjoying their relationship.

After the Married at First Sight Australia reunion, KC Osborne and Michael Goonan had their first small encounter that turned into more. KC went up to Michael and genuinely told him “Look I really feel for you. I hope you’re OK.” After this first encounter, KC and Michael went on with their own lives for a bit.

After some time KC Osborne reached out to Michael Goonan while he was in Sydney. Michael invited her over to one of his mate’s parties. From there, KC and Michael’s relationship moved pretty quickly and they both seem like they both fell head over heels for each other.

Between KC Osborne and Michael Goonana being active on social media and traveling together, this couple looks like they are happy and in love. Michael Goonan confesses that he is “whipped and pathetic, but I do love her.”

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