‘Married at First Sight’: Pastor Calvin Roberson Tells How He Selects Couples for MAFS – Exclusive Interview

Married at First Sight expert Pastor Calvin Roberson is a fan favorite among viewers. The relationship expert and marriage counselor tells it like it is. And, he doesn’t sugar-coat anything when he feels someone in a marriage isn’t pulling their weight.

Pastor Cal’s memorable one-liner “marriage ain’t for punks” is a perfect example of that. Calvin Roberson spoke with Soap Dirt in an exclusive interview. What did he reveal?

Married at First Sight: Pastor Calvin Roberson Dishes on Marriage Hopefuls

Soap Dirt (SD): As an expert on Married at First Sight, you give lots of advice. What’s something profound you have learned from a marriage prospect?

Calvin Roberson (CR): “It amazes me that for as jaded as many in society have become concerning marriage, monogamy and finding a life partner, there are still people who believe in the institution of marriage and are willing to take this very calculated risk to find happiness”.

The Married at First Sight expert went on to say, “They also want something that is based on more than just the physical. The consistent theme I’ve heard is that they are sick of dating apps, bar and nightclub hook-ups and the like. They want something deeper, satisfying and forever. Most of them truly want to make marriage great again”.

Married at First Sight: Pastor Calvin Roberson

Calvin Roberson Tells How MAFS Selects Couples and Avoids Controversy (or Tries To)

Soap Dirt: Does having some controversial cast members on various seasons change your approach?

Pastor Cal (CR): “Let me first say, that we never look for controversial personalities. My preference is for normal, kind and even nerdy people who are just sick and tired of the commercialization of dating. Now, that being said, when the Married at First Sight cameras roll, we are often completely surprised and confused at how people change and start acting abnormal”.

“So yes, these behaviors do impact our approach. We are not looking for crazy! Marriage has enough drama, comedy, mystery and suspense on its own without creating controversy for the sake of TV. Personally, if people have hopes of careers in television, it’s a serious red flag for me”.

“Also, if they don’t get along with the production team or casting prior to our selection process, it’s another red flag. We have some of the best, kindest and most dedicated crew anywhere and they sincerely want our couples to succeed. When [a potential Married at First Sight cast member] treats them poorly, I can only imagine how they’re going to treat their new spouse, so we have no problem showing them the exit speedily”.

MAFS: Pastor Cal Says Everything is “Real”

SD: What’s something you wish Married at First Sight viewers at home knew?

Calvin Roberson (CR): “First, I wish they knew that everything they see is real. We don’t manufacture drama for TV. Also, I wish they knew how much we ardently protect any person, female or male, if we feel they’re being abused. We film hundreds of hours of footage and the majority is not seen on TV due to time constraints”.

“We spend countless hours helping our couples through their difficulties. Nevertheless, I will often have some well-meaning viewer who tells me via DMs that I personally am allowing women to be abused or bullied. Anyone who knows me, understands that would never be the case”.

Married at First Sight is more than just a TV show or entertainment. I sincerely believe we are changing the lives of those on the show as well as those who use the advice and exercises we give the couples. I believe we’re doing a good thing, and pray the viewers do as well”.

Pastor Calvin Roberson’s Proudest Moments on Married at First Sight

There’s a lot of drama with each new MAFS season. Marriages fail and partners go their separate ways. But, MAFS has its share of successes too. Pastor Calvin Roberson shared his proudest moments as an expert on the show. He said it’s a “wonderfully proud feeling” when couples “push through their fears and issues” and go on to have successful marriages.

Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After wives Shawniece Jackson, Ashley Petta, and Danielle Bergman all gave birth to their babies around the same time. For pastor Calvin Roberson, those are his proudest moments. He and his colleagues are responsible for bringing these families together. He said it’s a “humbling yet proud experience”. And, there’s “nothing better”.

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