‘Married at First Sight’: Poppy Jennings Gets Sexy During Isolation

Married at First Sight celeb Poppy Jennings is feeling sexy. It looks like she has lost a bit of weight since the show and she seems to be very happy. She’s even joked about how she is going crazy in isolation with her two boys but seems to be having fun.

Married at First Sight: Australia – Poppy Jennings Just Wants to Have Fun

When we first saw Poppy Jennings, we thought she was going to give us a tragic story about her husband. It did turn out it was tragic since he had an affair. But she made is very comical and fun for the viewers. She has a great personality and that shone through during the show.

Poppy Jennings shared with fans that she is going a little nuts in isolation. She has two young boys at home with her and while they are great, it is a little stressful for mom. She was sharing photos and videos about her time on Married at First Sight and seems like she’s missing her friends there.

Married at First Sight: Poppy Jennings

Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Poppy Jennings from Married at First Sight that airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime at 10:05 isn’t letting anything stop her from feeling her best. In fact, she’s lost some weight and it looks like she is feeling pretty sexy. She did a video with a few of her previous castmates doing some dances. Her dance was much sexier than the other dancers. That wasn’t too hard to do since one of them even did the chicken dance.

She is sharing a lot of photos that are much sexier than what she seemed comfortable with before. She also mentioned that she is grateful for her jeans that can fit her isolation self into. It seems like Poppy thinks she is getting bigger, but the rest of the world notices she is shrinking.

Married at First Sight: Poppy Jennings

What’s Next for the Married at First Sight Star Poppy Jennings?

What is Poppy from Married at First Sight up to now? She is now in love with having her brows done for starters. It seems like she is sticking to a very strict beauty routine and she looks amazing. She’s staying very active with her boys but there isn’t much forecast of what is next due to the quarantine.

So far, Poppy Jennings just wants to be able to get back to normal life. Poppy did say in one of her videos that MAFS Australia was very boring and it was almost like she was bashing the show. She suggests people find something else to do since Married at First Sight Australia will no longer be on. Is she biting the hand that fed her?

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