‘Married at First Sight’: Taylor, Katie and Meka Party Together after Breakups

Married at First Sight cast mates Taylor Dunklin, Katie Conrad and Meka Jones were recently partying together after Taylor and Meka had recent breakups. This month, Michael Watson petitioned for an annulment from Meka Jones as did Brandon Reid from Taylor Dunklin. Both the husbands said in their court affidavits that they would take a divorce if an annulment can’t be granted.

The soon to be Married at First Sight ex-wives and Katie (who is still married to Derek Sherman) all had a fun time recently at a local restaurant in Washington, DC. Taylor shared pictures of the MAFS wives with drinks in hand.

Katie Conrad, Meka Jones and Taylor Dunklin Became Fast Friends on Married at First Sight

The MAFS wives all became close friends during their time on the Lifetime show. They even decided to make their friendship official with matching tattoos. Each tattoo reads “ten” on their ring finger in honor of season ten of Married at First Sight. While Taylor and Meka are coming off of rocky marriages, these three wives seem to have a strong bond.

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The MAFS Wives Party Together

A MAFS fan page shares images of Taylor Dunklin with cast mates Katie and Meka having drinks together. Katie Conrad has a nice smile while  Meka Jones is sipping on a large drink. Taylor wrote on her photo “just out here being some hot n juicy bitches”. She is referring to the restaurant ‘Hot N Juicy Crawfish’ in Washington DC which is where the Married at First Sight wives enjoyed their drinks.

Married At First Sight: Taylor Dunklin - Kate Conrad - Meka Jones

Taylor, Katie and Meka Bring the Drama on Married at First Sight

MAFS fans will be happy to see the wives enjoying themselves. The latest episode showed fellow wife Meka Jones struggling with new husband Michael Watson. Meka Jones claimed on Married at First Sight that she was given an ultimatum when it comes to being intimate with her partner. While she spoke about the issue, some viewers worried about the newlyweds future together. Soap Dirt pulled up the court’s petition for annulment (or alternative divorce) for Michael Watson and his wife Meka Jones. So, it’s confirmed that the two are broken up.

Married at First Sight: Meka Jones - Michael Watson - Divorce - Annulment


Taylor Dunklin has been upfront about her awkward feelings about husband Brandon as well. While the honeymoon seems to patch up these issues, fans are curious about the rocky road ahead. However, just like Meka and Michael, Brandon Reid has also filed a petition with the courts for an annulment. However, this was almost to be expected as Taylor was said to be a last minute replacement and not the real match for Brandon.

There May Be Hope for Some of the MAFS Season 10 Brides

The last episode of Married at First Sight had its fair share of drama. While the couples try to work out their differences on the beautiful beaches of Panama. Longtime MAFS fans can take comfort to know that the wives of season 10 are close friends. While most of the couples don’t make it to the end this season, the ladies of Married at First Sight have officially made a connection.

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