‘Married at First Sight’: Mia Bally’s Ex Arrested – Strange Twist to MAFS Stalking Storyline

Married at First Sight star Mia Bally recently reveled her alleged stalker – and said MAFS gave her a bad edit on her season with Tristan Thompson. Police arrested Mia on her way to her honeymoon with her new husband on stalking charges. In a strange twist, the man that accused Mia for stalking has now been arrested for stalking her.

Married at First Sight: Mia Bally Arrested Heading to Honeymoon with Tristan Thompson

Back in 2018, Married at First Sight alum Mia Bally was picked up for stalking charges – and the unauthorized use of a credit card. At the time, she was also accused of buying a phone with her ex-boyfriend’s credit card (Jared Evans). And, this was in addition to the alleged stalking.

The credit card charge didn’t make a lot of sense to some fans. Mia had a very high paying job and no financial problems. The charge was later dropped.

These charges put a strain on Mia’s new marriage to Tristan Thompson. They eventually split. And, her issues with her ex certainly complicated the new union. Now, Mia wants to give her side..

MAFS: Mia Reveals Stalker – Opens Up About Arrest

Even though police picked up Mia Bally on stalking charges, she said recently that she was the victim in that relationship. Based on what she recently revealed, her ex-boyfriend allegedly abused her prior to walking down the aisle with Tristan Thompson. And, after enduring “physical and mental abuse” in Louisiana, the Married at First Sight cast member packed her bags and started fresh.

But, she claims that when her ex found out she was on the Lifetime show, he retaliated with “false allegations”. And, those claims led to her arrest on the show.

In addition, her ex-boyfriend has recent charges on his record as well. These include domestic abuse, battery, and child endangerment. And, he was charged on March 28, 2020.

Interestingly, while filming Married at First Sight with then-husband Tristan Thompson, Mia Bally denied knowing her ex when producers asked about him. But, she is definitely speaking out now. Moreover, his recent abuse charges certainly add credibility to her claims.

Bad Edit for Married at First Sight Celeb?

How production edits the final cut of Married at First Sight is a common topic among cast members. And, Mia Bally certainly had a bad rap based on how she comes across on the show. She and ex-husband Tristan Thompson got into a lot of arguments.

While the edits at first mad Mia look a little “crazy” according to fans, as the episodes progressed, she seemed to be the stable one in the relationship.

Since filming on her season of Married at First Sight wrapped, Mia Bally shows viewers a different side of her than what Lifetime cameras picked up.

She and former husband Tristan Thompson got into explosive arguments during their time together. And, at one point he threw her and her things out in the hallway of the apartment they shared. Meanwhile, she definitely moved on from that chapter in her life since.

Mia Tests Positive for COVID-19?

Mia Bally regularly hangs out with other Married at First Sight celebs like Amber Martorana, Molly Duff, and more. But, based on what else she recently revealed, it looks like she won’t leave the house for a while. Mia shared the shocking news that she tested positive for COVID-19.

So, it’s clear Mia has a lot on her plate right now dealing with the coronavirus. But, that doesn’t stop her from speaking out about her ex-boyfriend and coming clean about everything that went down between them. Certainly, it’s worth keeping an eye on future updates from the Lifetime star – including how she handles the next 14 days in self-isolation.

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