‘Married at First Sight’: Black Groom Outrages Viewers with Remarks about Dark-Skinned Women

Married at First Sight has returned to Lifetime for its seventh season. There is controversy already because the only black groom, Tristan Thompson, said he didn’t want to marry a woman who is darker than he is.

When Tristan saw Mia Bally walk down the aisle for them to meet and marry, he made a remark that the black community can’t forgive. He said, “Oh, she’s light-skinned. Whew!”

Needless to say, the black groom irritated a lot of people with his remark – especially the black community.  His remark was a slap in the face of black women. This is a strange comment because the groom is black himself and so is his family.

Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally on Married at First Sight

Fans of the show have seen a black couple on the social experiment show every season since it launched in 2014.  None of the other black spouses have made any remarks to turn off their own race like those of Thompson.

Mia has also come under fire for a remark she made.  The newlywed explained why she did not kiss Tristan at the altar after they were pronounced husband and wife. Mia said she had just met him and she didn’t know if he had Hepatitis A, B, C, or D.  She added that he could have had mono as far as she knew.  Tristan and Mia, both 29, put a foot in their mouth, and the season has just begun.

Black groom’s exact words

Fans of the series will remember Tristan and Mia’s words throughout the season. Besides saying he didn’t want a wife who is darker than he is, he added that darker women just don’t do it for him. The new husband made it worse by saying that when it comes to marriage, he wanted a wife who would melt his butter. In other words, he was saying that dark women don’t measure up as far as he is concerned.

As you can see from the video below, Tristan’s wife is not dark-skinned. Therefore, Tristan married a woman with the color of skin that he wanted. However, he has come under fire by his own race.

Why MAFS experts matched this couple

Viewers are wondering why the three experts matched Tristan and Mia. Surely, his fondness for light-skinned women must have come up in conversations during the vetting process. He didn’t just think of those remarks at the altar. More than likely, he had already thought about how he feels about the color of women’s skin.

The experts, consisting of two white women and a black male pastor, stand by their decision to match Tristan and Mia. The couple was matched because they were raised in Christian homes.  Mia is a mixture of Indian-Trinidadian and Jamaican with just the right skin color for Tristan.

In Tuesday’s episode more drama ensues. Mia Bally is arrested at the airport.  Will the couple survive this surprising twist?

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UPDATE: Mia Bally files for divorce from Tristan Thompson.