‘Married at First Sight’: Tristan Thompson Arrest and Mug Shot – MAFS Criminal Record Reveal

Married at First Sight star Tristan Thompson has a past that hasn’t been seen on MAFS. It turns he’s got an arrest record and mug shot and the charges are stunning. His soon-to-be-ex-wife Mia Bally also had a run-in with the law, but it turns out her husband was handcuffed too. This couple from MAFS can’t stay out of the headlines. It seems a bit hypocritical that Tristan gave Mia such a hard time about her arrest knowing what lurked in his past.

Married at First Sight:  Tristan Thompson – Arrest and Mug shot

Back in 2007, MAFS star Tristan Thompson was arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) and evading arrest. He was under the legal drinking age, so that was also noted on his arrest record. Tristan might have hoped this dirty secret would stay hidden given how hard a time he gave Mia Bally over her airport arrest and her own mug shot.

Tristan was upset that she had allegedly hidden things from him and Lifetime. Well, it looks like Tristan Thompson may have done the same thing. Mia Bally was accused of stalking her ex. Jared Evans. Viewers watched this go down on the honeymoon episode of the show. It would be very interesting to hear her thoughts about it all now.

Married at First Sight - Tristan Thompson arrest

Married at First Sight – Tristan Thompson Arrest Details

You can see arrest details above and below, but Tristan Thompson was 18 years old at the time of his arrest and mug shot.  Since he was under the legal drinking age of 21 he’s listed as a “DUI Minor” as noted on the second part of the report below. He was arrested more than a decade ago and, to be fair, Mia’s arrest was more recent. But, there’s a case that Tristan’s arrest was more inflammatory.

Married at First Sight - Tristan Thompson arrest

Mia’s trouble sounds like a relationship gone wrong. Tristan, on the other hand, was driving drunk then tried to evade the police. The charge you see above “evading arrest detention with vehicle” has a specific meaning in Texas, where he was arrested. It means that you knowingly flee in your car from a peace officer (aka policeman).

Tristan Thompson was booked into jail in Brazoria County, Texas in March 2007. His bond was $5,300 which is steep. Underage drinking is pretty common. But driving drunk is much more serious. Plus, an arrest for running from the police is a significant offense so you have to wonder if Lifetime knew about it before they cast him.

Behind the scenes with Mia Bally & Tristan Thompson

Maybe Tristan Thompson’s arrest will crop up on the reunion show. His divorce from Mia Bally certainly will. Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally were often unhappy on Married at First Sight and they don’t work out. Mia filed for divorce from her blind date husband on Septemeber 4, 2018. The case is still underway.

Also, according to The Suite Blog, sources behind the scenes at MAFS allege that Tristan Thompson was “abusive” towards Mia during shooting. Other cast members have said he was a “fraud”. These two made it clear on the show that things were not working for them. The other two couples seem to be getting along a lot better.

Married at First Sight - Mia Bally Divorce

Mia filed and paid for the divorce as you can see above. Since Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson have no children and the divorce is uncontested, it might go through pretty fast. These two might even be single by the time the reunion show rolls around. The question is, will either wind up on the Married at First Sight spinoff Honeymoon Island?

Because the honeymoon is definitely over for these two. It will be interesting to see if Mia brings up Tristan’s arrest, mugshot and hypocrisy on the end of the season episode. Don’t miss the new episodes of MAFS on Lifetime to see how this relationship plays out on the show.

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