‘Married at First Sight’: Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk – Where Are They Now?

Married at First Sight pair Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk brought in a lot of viewers to the Lifetime show for their season. Luke turned into one of the most notorious MAFS villains in the eyes of many watchers. Kate’s husband also brought the majority of the drama to the show. Both Luke and Kate decided to part ways on Decision Day. But, where are they now?

Married at First Sight: Was Luke Cuccurullo Gaslighting His Wife?

Things quickly went south for Luke Cuccurullo and his new bride Kate Sisk on Married at First Sight. Their wedding night took a turn when Luke refused to sleep in the same bed. It was later revealed that they sealed the deal that night. But, that didn’t come out until later as Luke wanted to keep it secret. He put a lot of stress onto Kate with his demands that their married life remain secret.

Things went downhill following that night and never got back on track. Luke went behind Kate’s back and told production she had a drinking problem. However, it was Luke that bought Kate her wine he was complaining she drank. Luke and his friends were also pretty big drinkers as seen on Married at First Sight.

Luke told Kate Sisk to lie to the experts about the fact that they’d been intimate with one another a handful of times. In addition, he was dodgy when confronted by Married at First Sight experts like Dr Pepper Schwartz. Luke seemed to always find a way to turn things around and put the blame on Kate Sisk. Many fans thought that Luke was the one starting conflict and then would turn it around on his wife, Kate.

This led to a lot of gaslighting discussions online among Married at First Sight watchers as things continued to deteriorate on camera for the couple.

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MAFS: Kate Sisk Reaches Her Breaking Point

Kate Sisk rolled with the punches as much as she could on Married at First Sight. But, at a certain point she realized she was in the marriage alone. Any time Kate would attempt to talk something out with Luke Cuccurullo, he would turn things around and put the blame back on her. Her “drinking problem” followed them throughout the season. And, at a certain point even Kate was ready to throw in the towel.

Even before all that, Luke Cuccurullo told the experts that kissing Kate Sisk made him feel “dead inside”. Things got off on the wrong foot early on and they never recovered. In addition, Luke did other things like abandon his wife on their one-month anniversary. And, they were never able to come to any sort of meaningful resolution to salvage their marriage. So, when they called it quits on Decision Day, it wasn’t a big surprise for Married at First Sight viewers.

Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo – Where Are They Now?

Many Married at First Sight fans rooted for Kate Sisk following her decision to kick Luke Cuccurullo to the curb. Since going back to being single, she has been busy with her women’s lingerie and sleepwear brand, Hidden Intimates. On top of that, she has been busy traveling and still hangs out with the other women from her season of MAFS. She even appeared on a podcast with fellow MAFS alum Jamie Otis. Outside of releasing a breakup song shortly after their split, it’s clear she put her past with Luke Cuccurullo behind her.

As for Luke Cuccurullo, he has his own podcast – Cuccurullo Conversations. In addition, the Married at First Sight husband recently took a trip around the country, visiting several states. For now, it doesn’t look like he has a new woman in his life. He seems to be keeping busy with marathons and other athletic events. He also runs speed dating service Unplugged Dating. But, the company hasn’t updated their Facebook page since July 2019.

With a new season of Married at First Sight on the way, new couples can look to Luke Cuccurullo as an example of what not to do if they want to make their marriage work. Many fans would like to see Kate Sisk return to the show and get another chance as she’s shown she’s willing to work on a marriage.

Interestingly, they both seem to be doing better for themselves since the split. So, new pairs can take that as proof that there are good things to be had even if they don’t find their happily ever after on the show.

Tune in and watch the new season of Married at First Sight, starting January on the Lifetime channel.

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