‘Married At First Sight’: Katie Dumps on Derek’s Dreams – Forgot Her Vows Already

Married At First Sight‘s Katie Conrad declares Derek Sherman’s dreams are a dealbreaker – especially when it comes to writing a Christmas song. Also, Meka Jones and Michael Watson continue their miserable existence together. Pastor Cal Robertson calls out Zach Justice on his never-ending BS.

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd bring nothing to the table once again. And producers force Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin to say they are still in – when we know they aren’t. Let’s dig into all the drama of the mostly miserable MAFS couples in this recap of season 10 episode 12 Move In Or Move On.

Katie Conrad Violates Vows – Tells Derek To Dump Dreams on Married At First Sight

This season on MAFS, Katie Conrad started as a cute “girls just wanna have fun” kind of gal. But after a month of marriage to Derek, she’s turned into a soul-crushing red-wine swilling nag. Derek, AKA Dollar Tree Ashton Kucher, loves announcing his sh*t breaks and dreams of skydiving and other random guy stuff. But Katie Conrad’s the fun police.

On Married at First Sight, Derek’s desire to pen a catchy Christmas tune pushed joy-thief Katie over the edge. It’s a shame too, because who wouldn’t like to hear his version of “Deck The Halls, My Bowels are Jolly”. Katie and Derek have a blow-up, and she storms out, yelling that it’s his dreams or me. Anyone else remember her vows where she swore always to support his dreams?

Derek and on-edge Katie Conrad meet with Married at First Sight experts Pastor Cal, and Doc Viviana Coles. Derek tells the pastor about it and he advises the newlywed must make marriage a priority. Then, Katie whines to the doc that she can’t be his cheerleader. In the end, Derek caves to the pint-sized tyrant who she says she’ll try to support him. MAFS explosion in 3-2-1.

Meka Jones – The Face Of Misery On MAFS

Meka’s trying hard to contain her growing annoyance with experimental hubby Michael Watson. Between his love for breakfast and trimming the generic Ikea grass plant in their Married At First Sight starter apartment, the girl’s about to go mad. Meka’s not sure of anything about Michael other than she thinks he’s a lying weirdo. Let’s see if Dr Viviana can put a positive spin on that.

The doc suggests Meka staying one second away from popping off doesn’t give Michael a “soft place to land”. Now, Meka’s worried Pinocchio might not even have a job. She requested his pay stubs but got nada. However, because MAFS pays her to (we assume), Meka agrees to stick with it. So, it’s another day of watching him make french toast — and excuses.

Then, Married At First Sight has Michael chat up the Pastor. The talk reveals Mike’s emotional and Meka’s logical. But he’s going to hang in there. The couple put their broken record on a loop. Meka wants Michael to stop lying – and he wants to get laid. And you know that Jamaican vacation he promises is going to turn out to be fake news. No thank you. Next.

Austin’s Not Ready to Say He Loves Jessica

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer are still happily cruising along while the other couples crash and burn. Hunkered down in their MAFS pad, they do body shots and make corny crafts to stay ahead of the curve. The only thing still missing is Austin’s not ready for the L-word. The two prepare for their meetings, and Jessica says the smashing’s still good even though she follows a strict 7 pm bedroom curfew.

Austin meets with the pastor on Married At First Sight and says things are better than expected. Bedtime remains an issue, though, because Austin’s a big boy who’d like to stay up after dark. Jessica follows an AARP schedule of dinner at 4:30 and lights out by 8. You know, she has to get up early because she works harder than him. Remember? Even so, Austin says he’s in for the long haul.

Then, Married At First Sight shows Jessica chatting with Dr Viv. Things are fine – only she wished he’d say he loves her. Newsflash: he already has, but you were sleeping – mwahaha – just kidding. Anyway, Jessica’s not ready to tell Austin she needs that four-letter word. So, that’s it for the only two people on this show treating each other with basic human decency.

Brandon And Taylor Need To Give It Up on MAFS

Brandon Reid did everything in his power to get away from Married At First Sight. But the pastor’s not ready to let him off the hook yet. So, he encourages Brandon to give the “marriage” another go. Doctor Viv tells Taylor Dunklin they’re playing “chicken” and that she should give it a chance. Yet, Taylor can’t stand him and never could and never will. Another forced meeting’s set up with the couple.

Brandon and Taylor play along with the idea of going forward on Married At First Sight. But Brandon lays out conditions like no acting single and looking for solid D (complete with eggplant emoji) on Insta. Then, Taylor says that video was, like, no big deal. Brandon says he’ll stay if she gives him space. Cue awkward hug. Then, it’s time for the real train wreck couple. Woo hoo.

Zach’s Social Distancing Mindy

Zach Justice might be a hero in these current times. He’s staying more than six feet away from wife Mindy Shiben at all times except when forced by production into tantric yoga. It’s Zach’s turn to defend his complete disregard for Mindy, the show, and everybody involved. Pastor C doesn’t play. He calls straight up BS when Zach says he plans to spend quality time with Mindy rather than live with her.

On Married At First Sight, the irritated pastor also suggests Zach was in this for all the wrong reasons. Like the cameras and exposure. Zach tosses his hair and says he stills sees hope. Sigh. Over in Dr Viv’s office, Mindy again exposes the ridicule that is her MAFS existence. Dr V recommends Mindy “make demands” rather than tell this overgrown f-boy where to go.

In another of her many public humiliations, Mindy orders wings and jumps around excitedly because Zach is bringing a backpack to SPEND THE NIGHT.  She even has toys for the dogs. Then, she goes through his bag and finds joggers and wants to borrow them. After scrubbing her face and applying Oil of Olay, she suggests it’s bedtime. Zach rips off his Biore pore strip and says he’ll be in the other room texting her friend Lindsay and then deleting the evidence. JK.

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