‘Married At First Sight’: Derek Sherman’s Toilet Talk is a Total TMI Turnoff for Katie Conrad

On Married At First Sight the couples hang out with their friends together and separately. Katie Conrad tells her pals that Derek Sherman is a little too open about his “potty” habits. Gross.

Mindy Shiben hangs on by a thread as Zach Justice shows zero interest in moving in on Married At First Sight. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd are a literal snooze.

Meka Jones and Michael Watson make progress, but there’s still tension. And Taylor Dunklin‘s friends call out Brandon Reid‘s aggressive side.

Let’s break down season 10 episode 8 “Home Is Where Your Spouse Is”.

MAFS airs Wednesday nights at 8 PM on Lifetime.

Married At First Sight: Derek Sherman’s Toilet Talk TMI For Katie Conrad

Now that the Married At First Sight couples are back in Washington DC living together in the MAFS Mapleview Towers (well all but one) real life issues have set in. For Katie Conrad this means Derek Sherman telling her every time he needs to drop a deuce. To continue down the TMI trail she shares this with her mother. And the fact that Derek Sherman said he doesn’t know if 8 weeks is enough time to fall in love. It seems she thinks they moved a little too fast.

Later on Married At First Sight, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman host friends after a quick trip to Bed Bath And Beyond for wall art. Katie, who still thinks life is just an extension of high school, immediately separates the girls from the boys. Lounging in bed over White Claws she tells the girls about his “lack of mystery”. Meanwhile Derek tells his friends that their sex life is good. Not as good as hitting the john after taco Tuesday but its all good.

Zach Justice Graces Mindy Shiben with His Presence on Married At First Sight

With the honeymoon over before it even started, Mindy Shiben is shacked up alone at the Married At First Sight Mapleview Towers east wing. Zach “I need my space” Justice is busy making protein shakes and perfecting his hair toss. The two meet for an awkward talk in a local park. Mindy tries too hard again and Zach grits his teeth but says he’s still in this. Why? To maximize his TV time.  Hate to break it to you Zach with the good hair but bros like you are in no short supply.

On Married At First Sight Zach agrees to meet Mindy and her friends at a tavern. They play a game called “tumbling towers” which is a perfect metaphor for this sham of a marriage. After Zach pulls the block that finally tumbles the tower, Mindy’s friend calls him out on not living with his wife. Zach again makes up something about space and finding attraction. But this lady knows he’s full of hot garbage.

Later Zach once again graces Mindy and pals with his presence at his Married At First Sight apartment that he’s not living in. He walks in saying he brought the “good wine”. And Mindy scampers around looking for his favorite boxed wine. He brought one of his dogs. And it cuddles with Mindy and really seems to like her. At least somebody is giving her attention. Mindy’s friend continues her verbal attacks. But Mindy asks her to stop. She doesn’t want this to be “attack Zack”. Why?

Jessica Studer Judges Austin Hurd for Hitting the Snooze

On Married At First Sight, Austin Hurd cooks dinner for Jessica Studer and has even run the dishwasher. Jen appreciates it but in between bites of her quinoa and veggie medley she nags at him. She wants to know how many times he hits the snooze button in the morning. And points out how she is long gone and onto her 14 hour day while he’s still perfecting his bedhead. I mean really? If he’s making it to work and just cooked your a*s dinner who cares? Maybe this is why you were single so long.

Later it’s time for the Married At First Sight obligatory get together with friends. Jen is certain to tell the gang that she gets up at 4:30 every morning leaving Austin to make the bed. In the midst of the boredom “that one guy” shows up with red solo cups and the lamest game of beer pong ever ensues. Until Jess bales and takes the girls to the other room for some girl talk. Austin tells the guys that it’s all good on his end in spite of her snooze shaming him.

Brandon Reid Gets Humped On Married At First Sight

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin host friends and Brandon offers a tour of their Married At First Sight crib. Taylor’s dog Tyson gets busy doing the wild thing on Brandon’s leg much to everyone’s delight. Taylor explains that it means her dog is showing him who’s boss. Brandon admits he’s staying in the spare room. Taylor’s friend calls him out on his Panama temper tantrum. Dude is really getting hit from all sides. He mansplains it the best he can.

On Married at First Sight, Brandon’s aunt chimes in. He’s a good boy. She has never heard him do anything like that. Lady come on. This dude is a loose cannon. He’s one second away from snapping as you speak. Brittany defends him and says they are moving forward. Brandon is glad that she stood up for him. Taylor. Listen to your dog. He knows the real deal. And he’s got your back.

Michael Watson & Meka Jones Play The Newlywed Game

On Married At First Sight, Michael Watson and Meka Jones shop for spices. Meka is all about adding spice. But it seems only to her food. The two prepare to host friends. They have created a kind of newlywed game where they ask their friends questions about each other such as how many times a week does Michael work out? Or does Meka have a fear of blood. Wow these people really know how to party. Better pace yourselves.

Mike goes into the bedroom to chat up Meka’s mom about how he can do better. Meka’s mom is proud of their growth. She says from day one that she’s considered him her son in law. And gives him the “life is too short” to argue all the time speech. So there you have it! Scenes form next week shows Taylor posting on Instagram that she’s single, and Meka calling Michael a liar.

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