‘Married at First Sight’: Exclusive Interview with Jessica Studer Heading into Decision Day

Married at First Sight pair Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd have a big life choice to make with Decision Day coming up on the Lifetime show. Compared to a lot of the other couples, Austin and Jessica seem to deal with the least amount of drama. But, that doesn’t always mean it’s smooth sailing. Jessica spoke with Soap Dirt and dished on what things were like before the big day. What did she reveal?

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer Dishes on Marriage to Austin Hurd

Soap Dirt (SD): Compared to the other Married at First Sight pairs this season your relationship seems very drama-free. What’s your secret?

Jessica Studer (JS): “This season had A LOT of drama! I don’t think I had a secret weapon other than going into this wanting a long-lasting committed marriage, believing in the [Married at First Sight] process, and putting in the work to make that happen!”

Many Married at First Sight watchers feel Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer are the most compatible couple this season. And, that certainly comes across on camera. They’ve had no major blowouts. And, they seem to always find a way to work through their disagreements. Certainly, it looks like Jessica put in the work from day one.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer - Austin Hurd

MAFS: No Major Issues for the Pair

SD: Did you appreciate your relationship more seeing the drama from other pairs?

JS: “I definitely appreciated my relationship more when I would get together with the other couples. While my relationship wasn’t perfect I recognized that we didn’t really have any issues when compared to some of the challenges the other couples were having”.

There’s some drama recently on Married at First Sight over Austin Hurd traveling for work. Jessica Studer worries about spending time apart. And, whether or not that puts their connection in jeopardy. There’s also the fact that Austin doesn’t tell his wife he loves her. But, compared to the other couples this season, they certainly have fewer bumps in the road.

Jessica’s Approach Heading into Decision Day on Married at First Sight

SD: What were some of the things you considered before Decision Day?

JS: “As overly confident as it may sound I really didn’t have anything to consider on Decision Day. I knew how I felt and I really felt like I knew Austin. We spent the entire eight weeks putting in the work and getting to know each other. I wanted to remain hopeful going into the big day”.

Even though Jessica Studer and husband Austin Hurd seem drama-free on Married at First Sight, it’s still a big decision to make. And, each person spends a night by themselves to consider all their options before the big day arrives. But, based on what Jessica Studer told SD, it looks like she didn’t have much to consider regarding Austin Hurd or her future prior to Decision Day.

Catch the season finale of Married at First Sight to see what Jessica Studer decides, Wednesday night on the Lifetime channel.

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