‘Married At First Sight’: Jessica And Austin Bond Over Belly Button Bourbon Shot – Mindy Wants a Bone

On Married At First Sight, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd have serious sexy time during assignments from Dr Pepper Schwartz. Yet, Zach Justice couldn’t be more bored with Mindy Shiben. And Meka Jones isn’t backing down from Michael Watson’s constant lies. Plus, Brandon Reid is done after Taylor Dunklin’s social media stunt as a single lady. Grab some warm bourbon and the nearest navel and let’s get to the bottom of season 10 episode 10 I Want You To Want Me. You can catch Married At First Sight Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Jessica Studer & Austin Hurd Make the Most of Doc Pepper’s Assignment

On this week’s Married At First Sight, perky Dr Pepper sits down with the couples. The struggle is real for the show’s resident shrink who’s as bubbly as the soft drink whose name she shares. She assigns exercises to help each couple with their current struggles. Since Jessica Studer and hubby Austin Hurd don’t have much struggle other than staying awake past 8, she gives them a spicy sex wheel to heat up things.

Despite looking like something from a fifth-grade school project, the Married At First Sight wheel of nookie makes streamy suggestions such as lap dances, sexy talk, and body shots. Poor Austin gives perhaps the nerdiest lap dance of all time with exactly three pelvic thrusts. Then, Jessica Studer’s spin shows the body shot. So, she slurps room temp bourbon out of Austin’s navel.

Although the lap dance for Jessica seemed the worst, the belly burbs was a new low. Nevertheless, it turned these two crazy kids on. Maybe Jessica Studer dug that lap dance. Get it Dr P – she knows her stuff with that wheel of WTF on MAFS.

Mindy Still Hopeful That Zach will Throw Her a Bone (Yes, That One)

On Married At First Sight, Mindy Shiben wakes up alone AGAIN in the Mapleview Towers. Dressed in her signature trout-colored athleisure, she wonders what went wrong. She flashes back to playing cards. And doing facials. How could he leave at midnight? Maybe she should’ve tried Yahtzee and teeth whitening. However, Mindy is willing to plod along in this farce. She meets Zach Justice and the doc to see what’s up.

Mindy must again tell the Married At First Sight Doc P that her husband wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Doc glares at Zach, who goes into immediate F-boy on-the-defense mode. She tells him that he is basically full of crap. And we see clips of Zach spewing word vomit – learning, growing, accepting and blah blah blah. It’s a marriage, not a death, buddy. Although in this case…

Because the Married At First Sight producers want to torture lovely Mindy more, Doc Soda assigns them a tantric yoga session. Poor Mindy is excited. Not only is her entire wardrobe yoga-based, but Zach’s forced to get close and breathe the same air. The instructor makes them hug and touch. Mindy is feeling it. Zach goes through the motions and ends by scratching her back like he would one of his dogs. Ugh.

Brandon Is Out on Married At First Sight

Not even Dr P’s blue-eyed optimism can put the Brandon Reid/Taylor Dunklin train wreck back on the tracks. Brandon bolted after Taylor made an Insta video asking why it’s so hard to get a man. And she did it right outside the apartment where he was holed up playing X-box for the 48th hour in a row. Peps wants them to apologize for sh*t they both did. MAFS treats us to the flashback of Brandon doing the F-U to his wife and bus of fellow newlyweds.

Of course, the Married At First Sight professionals are on here to save the marriages. But, you have to be #TeamTaylor on this one, right? If he’s that comfortable talking to her that way that early on, it’s only going to get worse from there. Yet, Dr Pepper’s more worried about the wannabe reality show contestant who could’ve taken his place than the fact that this guy is downright verbally abusive.

The Doc grills Taylor about the video, which by now is much ado about nothing. Brandon accuses her of being on Married At First Sight for the wrong reasons and says he’s finished. As in, take my mic, I’m out the door. And he’s again getting aggressive with production. Taylor cries and says she did the best she could. Still, it looks like more Brandon next week. Although, in real-time, this couple is toast. And rightly so.

Michael’s Not A Yoga Instructor – But He Plays One on TV

On the recent, Married At First Sight, Meka Jones is a step closer to her head exploding. After getting mani-pedis, Michael Watson told her she’s not giving him what he needs. She wants him to spell out what she’s not dishing up for her moody spouse. We all know what he means except Meka, apparently. But, Michael’s afraid to say va**na after the honeymoon drama. So, he uses another v-word: vulnerable.

The problem is, Meka thinks she is vulnerable. Which is like saying Zach is affectionate. During their visit with the diminutive Married At First Sight doctor, Meka says she’s sick of his lies. His latest was that he’s a yoga teacher. So, Meka drives to the studio to take his class and finds out he’s really just in charge of cleaning the rooms. As for Meka, she found it a waste of time. Mike says he’s a sub teacher and the person she talked to didn’t know. Hmm…

On Married At First Sight, Michael and Meka are assigned a 20 questions-type game with blindfolds. Meka fires off questions like the FBI. She asks does he want to stay married. Michael says yes. Then, his nose grows another inch like Geico Pinocchio. These two clearly can’t stand each other. And Meka isn’t giving up any V to a yoga teacher impostor. Of course, we now know these two are kaput.

Katie And Derek Started The Fire On Married At First Sight

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman are young newlyweds. But there doesn’t seem to be too much spontaneous fun going on except a small kitchen fire sparked by a burning omelet. The two divided household chores. But, neither’s good at cooking. So, Katie signs them up for a cooking class and invites the rest of the MAFS gang. Everyone but Brandon and Taylor shows up.

On Married At First Sight, the couples try their hand at Lobster Risotto. Always a practical weeknight option when you’re in a hurry. Katie uses the opportunity to get Meka to spill the tea on Taylor-Brandon. It makes Michael uncomfortable. To be fair, any time Meka opens her mouth, he’s uncomfortable. Mindy can’t even finish her risotto without having to admit (again) that Zach can’t stand her and won’t move in.

Katie and Derek’s assignment is some sort of Jenga game. If you pull the block, you act out something. (Pepper and company got sloppy with this one). Katie wants to know Derek’s pick-up lines. Of course, he says he never had any. Good answer, Derek. He wants to know what gets Katie hot. She says manhandling revs her engine. So, he picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, and they can fight over who folds the laundry.

MAFS airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime. Watch to see if Jessica Studer can get that belly button lint out of her teeth and stay tuned.

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