‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Elizabeth and Jamie’s Near Split and More

Married at First Sight husband and wife Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice talked to Soap Dirt about their life since appearing on MAFS. The two are on the new Lifetime limited series Couples’ Cam, but their marriage almost didn’t make it. Jamie and Elizabeth almost called it quits. and more in an exclusive interview with Soap Dirt. What did they reveal?

Married at First Sight: Elizabeth Bice & Jamie Thompson Almost Threw in the Towel

Soap Dirt (SD): Many Married at First Sight fans are happy to see you back together following the split chatter. How is your relationship now?

Elizabeth Bice/Jamie Thompson (EB/JT): “Our [Married at First Sight] relationship is strong. We continue to work on things all the time to make sure we have a strong base for a marriage. We continue to be each other’s biggest cheerleader as we go through these amazing life changes. The move to San Francisco has really brought us so much closer”.

SD: You got into a lot of explosive fights in your season of Married at First Sight. Does that still happen?

Elizabeth/Jamie: “We still have moments. But, thanks to the show [Married at First Sight] we were able to see how horribly we handled things and we have a way better way of communicating with each other and setting boundaries. People forget that we married a stranger, the stress alone is hard to work past”.

On their season of Married at First Sight, things escalated between Jamie Thompson and spouse Elizabeth Bice often. And, split rumors followed them even after Lifetime cameras left them to their own devices. But, it’s clear they’ve found a way to bounce back and make things work.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Thompson - Elizabeth Bice

MAFS: Couples’ Cam Experience & Advice for Other Pairs

SD: What was it like filming yourselves for Couples’ Cam and how was that different from regular filming?

Jamie/Elizabeth: “Filming Couples’ Cam has been a lot of fun for both of us. We both love being a part of the Married at First Sight family. This is definitely one to tell the kids about. The hardest part is to keep being transparent. Sometimes you want to hide some parts, but you have to learn to just put it all out there so you may help others in similar situations. A lot of moments you will see are very raw and very real”.

SD: Was there anything that took you by surprise when you watched your spouse’s confessionals when Married at First Sight aired?

Jamie Thompson (JT): “So, surprisingly we have never watched our full [Married at First Sight] season. We watched the weddings but after that we have not”.

Elizabeth Bice (EB): “I have anxiety so I try to eliminate things that could potentially be triggering. Its been really healthy”.

SD: What advice do you have for current and future Married at First Sight couples?

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson: “We would say to give each other time. You guys are going through something totally out of the box and emotions are going to come out. Let them come out and handle them. Own them and then make them better. You may surprise yourself”.

“You are about to go through a crazy experience with someone [on Married at First Sight] and you will never have that bond with anyone else again. Just open your heart up. You also need to have thick skin for this experience. Make friends and build relationships – the experience is awesome. Also, learn to laugh at yourself!”

Married at First Sight: Jamie Thompson - Elizabeth Bice

Married at First Sight Pair Debunk Biggest Misconceptions

SD: What’s the biggest misconception you think people have about you?

Elizabeth Bice: “Some people think I may have anger issues, but the filming of [Married at First Sight] brought out emotions I have never had to deal with. It’s not normal to have cameras on you during your most vulnerable or scary or unhappy moments. I promise I am not always that angry, I am actually a lot of fun to hang out with and just love to spread love!”

Jamie: “I think the biggest misconception is people think we have a bad relationship. Honestly, we balance each other really well. Marrying as strangers is not only crazy, but super stressful! [Laughs] The [Married at First Sight] experts did a great job seeing how good we would be for each other. They not only did their homework, they aced the test!”

SD: What’s the one question you’ve never been asked in an interview that you wish had been asked?

Elizabeth: “Would you have ever imagined you would be on a reality show about marriage [like Married at First Sight]?”

“This may surprise you but I used to think I wasn’t wife material. I always thought I was going to be the power female married to my career. So, I have really surprised myself. Allowing myself to love – in front of America at that”.

Jamie Thompson: “What really drove me to be Married At First Sight?”

“I always knew I wanted to be married, just never loved the idea of doing things traditionally. I always figured I would do something crazy like eloping, I just never imagined I would get married to a stranger on television!”

MAFS: Couple Talk About Relationship with Ronnie Bice

One of the major storylines early on during Jamie Thompson and wife Elizabeth Bice’s season of Married at First Sight is her relationship with her father, Ronnie Bice. Elizabeth is definitely a daddy’s girl. And, there is some friction when Jamie steps into a more active role in her life as her husband. Meanwhile, the pair spoke about where things currently stand with her father.

Elizabeth Bice said her dad is “awesome”. And, that he’s the type of guy that would “take the shirt off his back for a stranger”. Meanwhile, she said if anyone needs some “dad love”, his “door is open”. She said that’s the kind of family they are.

In addition, it looks like Jamie is in a good place with his father-in-law, too. Jamie Thompson said “we are good”. And, he added that Elizabeth’s dad wants “the best” for his daughter. Along with that, though, he said moving to California and putting some distance between them works out best for everyone.

Because of how explosive they were on Married at First Sight, many viewers didn’t think Jamie and his bride Elizabeth would make it. This is especially true following the split rumors surrounding the pair. But, Elizabeth Bice and hubby Jamie Thompson are proof that you can work things out if you stay the course. And, they seem much happier for it.

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