‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Think Elizabeth’s Dad is Super Creepy – Twitter Reacts

Married at First Sight viewers are losing it over Elizabeth Bice‘s father Ronnie Bice. Especially the way he acted toward new husband Jamie Thompson. It’s difficult for a lot of parents to give their sons and daughters away to total strangers. But, the way Ronnie Bice acted toward Jamie raised more than a few red flags. Twitter users are reacting to Ronnie’s overbearing behavior and the results are social media gold. What are MAFS fans saying?

Married at First Sight: Daddy Issues for Jamie Thompson

Married at First Sight fans noticed Elizabeth Bice and father Ronnie’s close relationship. Elizabeth is an account executive at her father’s company and he comes across as an overprotective, doting dad. While this is normal to a degree, things really took a turn once new hubby Jamie Thompson came into the fold. Ronnie Bice cringed whenever the new couple locked lips. And, things didn’t end there.

Married at First Sight‘s ninth season gave Lifetime watchers a curve ball. For the first time in the show’s history, the new husband and wife sit down individually with their new in-laws. There’s a level of awkwardness as the newly married bride and groom meet their spouse’s relatives without any support. Even so, Ronnie Bice took things to a whole new level during his sit-down with Jamie Thompson. Some fans called it “creepy”

Ronnie Bice admitted that he’s very “protective” of daughter Elizabeth Bice. In the same breath he said he couldn’t watch Jamie kiss her. Aside from being awkward and over-the-top, it left Jaime Thompson wondering where he fits into the picture if Elizabeth’s dad is going to be this invested in their marriage.

MAFS: Twitter Calls Elizabeth Bice’s Overprotective Dad Ronnie Bice “Creepy”

Married at First Sight watchers are reacting on social media to what they see as awkward and “creepy” behavior. It didn’t take Jamie long to notice that there’s some major separation anxiety in letting Elizabeth go. According to reactions on Twitter, there may be more than separation anxiety at play. One commenter wrote that Ronnie Bice behaved more like a jealous ex than a father when Jamie Thompson locked lips with bride Elizabeth Bice.

Shortly after the show aired, MAFS fans flooded social media using the same description of Elizabeth’s father, “creepy”.

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Matters only escalated when they sat down together in the meet the in-laws segment of the most recent episode. Ronnie Bice looked legitimately pained while talking about giving up his daughter. The consensus among most Married at First Sight followers is Ronnie crossed the line. He went from an overprotective father and ventured into something beyond.

Viewers are definitely picking up on what they call the creepy dad vibes. However, many reality shows heavily edit scenes, and some even give lines for cast members to deliver. Perhaps Ronnie Bice thought he was being funny, playing the part of the over protective father.

Where Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson Go from Here

Early on, it looked like Jamie Thompson had a goal in mind. He wanted to separate Elizabeth Bice from her father and build their own identity as a married couple. Jamie flat-out decided to call his wife Elizabeth after finding out her dad calls her Beth.

Tension is definitely boiling beneath the surface as both men jostle for a place in the new bride’s life. It will be interesting to see if things continue to escalate in the coming weeks. Certainly, things started on an awkward note for the groom, Jamie Thompson, and his new father-in-law. Will Ronnie Bice take his foot off the gas over the next few weeks?

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