‘Married At First Sight’: The Newlyweds Introduce Intimacy

The Married at First Sight newlyweds introduced intimacy during the most recent episode. However, some couples welcomed closeness more than others. After only knowing each other for a few short hours, welcoming intimacy was a challenge.

Married at First Sight: Newlyweds Grow Closer

After an unconventional wedding, the Married at First Sight couples must now begin to learn more about each other. Their relationships are just beginning. Therefore, becoming more acquainted is the next goal. But, how close will the lovebirds allow themselves to be?

On the latest episode, the couples spent their first night together. Typically the wedding night is when newlyweds consummate their marriage. But surprisingly, none of the Married at First Sight couples did. At least non admitted to on camera.

They all claimed they wanted to know each other better first. So, they spent the evening asking questions and further connecting. But fans remember last season that Luke and Kate consummated their marriage the first night and kept it a secret from the experts, production, and family.

The next day, the couples were surprised with a honeymoon to Antigua. Therefore, quite naturally, the expectation for intimacy skyrocketed. However, not all Married at First Sight couples were ready to be intimate.

The Married at First Sight cast members with the most sexual chemistry are Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson and Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles. Elizabeth surprised Jamie with a piece of lingerie for their first night on the island. In addition, Amber and Matt continued to grow closer as well.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The other two Married at First Sight couples, Gregory Okotie and Deonna McNeill and Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell were more slow moving. Deonna was single for 10 years prior to marrying Greg. Therefore, she was quite used to being alone. At times, the reality star was a little standoffish. However, Greg admitted he would be ready for intimacy at any time.

Iris and Keith may perhaps be the most challenging couple of all. Iris revealed she was a virgin on their wedding night. Initially, Keith stated he had mixed feelings. But he respected Iris’ decision to wait until marriage. However, in time, he’s hopeful she will be comfortable enough to move forward with him.

MAFS: Meet the In-Laws

For the first time in Married at First Sight history, the cast members had to spend time with their in-laws (without their spouse) the day after the wedding. Every season, Lifetime makes it more and more uncomfortable for the couples.

After only knowing their spouses for 24 hours, meeting the parents was a little uncomfortable. However, most meetings went well. With the exception of Jamie Thompson and Ronnie Bice (Elizabeth’s father). Many fans think Ronnie came across a little creepy. Social media is filled with 90 Day Fiance followers commenting that Ronnie seems to think he’s Elizabeth’s husband.

Elizabeth Bice and her father are very close. So much so, her dad had a difficult time giving her away at the wedding. In addition, he informed Jamie he plans on still being around quite a bit. But, this didn’t sit well with the Married at First Sight star. Not to mention, her father wants Jamie and Elizabeth to give their first child Elizabeth’s maiden name.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Plots Revenge – Intimacy Ensues…

It seems Jamie plans to get a little revenge on Ronnie, his new father-in-law. Jamie said he’s going to call his wife Elizabeth because her father calls her Beth.

Father Ronnie let Jamie know that he really didn’t like Jamie kissing his daughter and had problems with Jamie getting intimate with his daughter. Jamie isn’t going to let this one slide either. Jamie said that the uncomfortable encounter with her father really makes him look forward to the honeymoon and getting physical with his wife.

All in all, the majority of the newlyweds parents were supportive. However, viewers may never know if Matt’s parents would support him because he didn’t invite them to the wedding. He never told them he was getting married at all. Sadly, he’s no longer close to them after a bitter divorce.

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