‘Married at First Sight’: Erik Lake’s Rock & Roll Past Revealed

Married at First Sight star Erik Lake is a southern gentleman and Lifetime fans were surprised to learn he was in a band. But now, we learned more about his rock and roll past.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake Rocks Out with Pals

Erik Lake from Married at First Sight was pretty serious about his band. Their influences were bands like Breaking Benjamin and 311. Fans thought he would be more of a bluegrass guy, but he surprised everyone with his past.

Married at First Sight husband Erik did tell Virginia Coombs that he had a wild past. He used to drink a lot and party, but he said he was out of that stage. Viewers think Virginia would like to know more about his background to see he was an extra fun guy at one point.

MAFS’ star Erik’s band started around 2008, and he and his friends still make some music. Virginia Coombs did show some surprise when she saw Erik Lake’s soundproof area of his house. And she even said that she didn’t like his place that much.

Erik and Virginia’s Age Difference Too Big?

Fans of Married at First Sight think the experts did a bad job of this match. In fact, they said it seems like Erik Lake is trying to parent her instead of being her husband. Virginia Coombs said she didn’t get having to check in with someone every time they get somewhere.

Virginia obviously enjoyed her freedom with the single life. Despite this, her friends said that she is definitely ready for marriage. Erik said that made him feel better, but he still felt some worries about why Virginia Coombs came on the show.

Married at First Sight wife Virginia Coombs wants to go out and party Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. But Erik Lake said he’s more of an inside guy that doesn’t go out as much. And he even said that he couldn’t be partying with her all of the time since he’s a pilot.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake

Married at First Sight: Making the Match Work

Some Married at First Sight viewers believe Erik and Virginia can work. They think this new revelation of his past makes the match make a little bit more sense and that Virginia Coombs would feel an attraction to that version of him.

Both Erik and wife Virginia said the physical attraction between them wasn’t a problem. But they are taking things a little bit slow to get to know each other. This is often an excuse between couples that don’t have an attraction but this Married at First Sight couple assured everyone that wasn’t their case.

Even if they do make it, viewers think they are going to have some major changes to make. But there are still a lot of people rooting for Virginia and hubby Erik.

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