‘Married at First Sight’: Did Chris Williams Apply to MAFS While Still Engaged?

Married at First Sight‘s Chris Williams might have even more problems after dates didn’t line up. In fact, it looks like he might still have been in his engagement when he applied for MAFS.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Engaged During Application?

Fans of Married at First Sight have a new favorite villain husband – Chris Williams. Since finding out he had a baby on the way and didn’t have an attraction to Paige Banks, viewers can’t rag on him enough.

Now after looking at some important dates, viewers of Married at First Sight think he might have lied about some dates. Chris told the experts and other cast members that he hadn’t been with his ex for a while. But that he did sleep with her when he attended a funeral for her family member.

Chris Williams said that was about 6 weeks prior to his marriage to Paige. However, Married at First Sight fans noticed that a social media post from a family member talked about Chris and his ex being engaged as late as June 28th. And the casting for the Atlanta season ended June 10th.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

MAFS: Chris Williams Gets Even More Hate

Fans of Married at First Sight said that if he applied before June 10th then he probably was planning to leave her to be on MAFS. And they said that they thought he probably knew about the pregnancy before the wedding way. Others said they couldn’t trust a word that came out of his mouth.

The wedding day for the Married at First Sight couples was in late August. So, his timeline that he gave didn’t match up, and viewers said it made him seem more of a villain than they thought.

Some watchers of Married at First Sight even said the show might be scripted. And that the experts couldn’t be dumb enough to match Chris Williams while he had a fiancee. But others think that Chris could have been a really good actor.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks Comes to Grips with New Reality

Married at First Sight wife Paige Banks shared her shock with production. But she didn’t seem as broken up as most people thought she would be. In fact, she seemed to support Chris Williams and be ready to take steps forward.

Chris Williams was upset that the other cast members showed support for her. And seemed to think they left him out in the support circle. Briana Morris said that she would be out right away if she learned that about her husband.

Paige from Married at First Sight said that she felt taken aback. But she kept a good attitude as much as possible. She said she wanted to continue forward and see where this marriage went.

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