‘Married at First Sight’: Danielle & Bobby Dodd Bring Back the 90’s

Married at First Sight couple Danielle Dodd and Bobby Dodd brought back the 90’s for Easter this year. And fans can’t get enough of the photos.

Married at First Sight: Bobby & Danielle Celebrate Easter

Bobby Dodd and Married at First Sight wife Danielle celebrated their first Easter as a family of four. The popular couple had their second child back in December. And they’re as happy as they’ve ever been. Bobby and Danielle were one of the few couples that didn’t really have any problems at all during their time on the show. It seemed like their marriage was a breeze. And even the other couples didn’t believe that they hadn’t had any fights.

But Danielle’s and Bobby’s love story took off without a hitch. And the pair got pregnant with their daughter shortly after the show aired. In fact, they announced their pregnancy on the reunion episode. The one little hiccup the two faced while on Married at First Sight was when Danielle said that she didn’t want to be a stay at home mom like Bobby Dodd wanted. But after having their first child, Danielle changed her mind. And now she loves the job.

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd - Bobby Dodd

MAFS: Danielle Dodd Brings Back the 90’s

Danielle Dodd recently posted a picture of the Married at First Sight family celebrating the holiday. And said that she and Bobby had put the baby in a very special outfit for his first Easter. Baby Bob wore the same clothes that Bobby wore when he was a baby, 30 years ago. And fans thought he looked absolutely adorable in the outfit, even if it was from the 90’s.

Danielle also shared side by side pictures of her Married at First Sight children’s first Easters to compare the two. They both wore the same knitted rabbit ears that Bobby Dodd’s mom made. There was also a knitted carrot in the picture with both. Fans commented that the new baby looked just like his older sister Olivia when she was a baby. And couldn’t believe that Olivia was already a toddler.

Married at First Sight: Dodd

Married at First Sight: Bobby Dodd Happy to Have a Son

Bobby Dodd doted on his Married at First Sight daughter Olivia. And said that he loved having a little girl. But he’s ecstatic to have a son. Bobby said he would have been happy with either sex, as long as they were healthy. But that he really wanted a son to carry on his name. So, they named their new baby boy after Bobby, which made him Robert IV. Danielle lovingly nicknamed him B4. And Bobby couldn’t be happier.

The Married at First Sight duo also recently celebrated their three year anniversary together. And said they’re more in love now than ever. Danielle Dodd shared a picture with her followers on their date. And said that she often forget how they met because everything felt, “so natural from the beginning.” She thanked Bobby Dodd for making her laugh and continuing to love her. And Danielle said she can’t wait to see what the future brings for the pair.

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