‘Married at First Sight’: Danielle Flaunts Massive Baby Bump – Shares Touching Tribute to Bobby Dodd

Married at First Sight mom Danielle Bergman Dodd is just a few months away from giving birth to her second child with Bobby Dodd. The couple happily announced that they’re having a baby boy, which delighted many of their fans. And now, Danielle shared the latest updates on her pregnancy.

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd Cuddles Adorable Baby Bump

Danielle Dodd is at 30 weeks into her second pregnancy. The MAFS mama shared a glimpse of her baby bump, which looks a lot bigger now. Bobby Dodd’s wife rarely shares photos of her bulging belly on social media, except when she hits pregnancy milestones.

Danielle and Bobby have their hands full preparing for the arrival of their son. The Married at First Sight loved-up couple has been setting up the nursery again for the upcoming arrival. Danielle is also stocking up on essential baby stuff, including those she plans to bring in the hospital.

Recently, the Married at First Sight celeb shared her “hospital bag list,” which many find relatable. The list includes newborn stuff such as “baby clothes, swaddle, and car seat.” The soon-to-be mother of two is also bringing necessities for herself, including “chapstick, comfy clothes, travel-sized toiletries, a nice camera, and earplugs for Bobby.”

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd - Bobby Dodd

Danielle Shares Pregnancy Updates

Danielle Dodd also shared some updates about her latest pregnancy. The Married at First Sight cast member said her second pregnancy has its fair share of struggles and challenges. Bobby Dodd’s spouse revealed she recently failed her gestational diabetes test.

Danielle shared that fasting for the glucose test has always been a struggle for her, even during her first pregnancy with Olivia. Bobby’s Married at First Sight wife was told she could “opt-out” of the test, but then she’ll be treated like she actually has it. Danielle has since returned for a repeat exam and seemed to get a better result than the first one.

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Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd - Bobby Dodd

Married at First Star’s Tribute to Bobby Dodd

Meanwhile, Danielle Dodd continues to make Bobby Dodd feel extra special now that they will have a baby boy. The Married at First Sight celebrity recently revealed she named their son Robert E. Dodd lV, a touching tribute to her husband Robert E. Dodd III.

Danielle said the moniker has always been on the table since it’s been part of Bobby’s family tradition. She added that being able to carry on that name would be really special for their family. Aside from the name, Danielle also prepared yet another special surprise for Bobby Dodd when the baby arrives in January.

The Married at First Sight veteran revealed that she would be using the baby outfit that Bobby wore when he came from the hospital back in 1991. She even shared a classic baby garment photo, seemingly excited to put it on their son.

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