‘Married at First Sight’: Danielle Bergman Cuddles Growing Baby Bump – Tells Scary Birth Story

Married at First Sight alum Danielle Bergman Dodd is enjoying every minute of her pregnancy. The wife of Bobby Dodd couldn’t hide her excitement as they await the arrival of their second child. And now, at almost 15 weeks into the pregnancy, Danielle finally revealed her growing baby bump.

Married at First Sight News: Danielle Bergman Dodd Gives Latest Pregnancy Update

On Thursday, Danielle Dodd gave fans an update on her pregnancy. The Married at First Sight celeb shared a glimpse of her bulging belly for the first time since she announced the big news. It seems Bobby Dodd’s wife is more observant with her latest pregnancy, feeling even the tiniest movement she feels in her tummy.

Danielle Dodd swore she felt her baby kick while sitting on the couch. Her little bundle of Married at First Sight joy seems very active at just 14.5 weeks. Danielle even asked her followers if it’s possible to feel such movement this early on the pregnancy. Her fellow MAFS cast member Jamie Otis said it’s likely to happen, adding that she felt it earlier with her second baby as well.

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd

Fans Guess Gender of Danielle’s Second Baby

Danielle Dodd’s bump pic instantly led to fans predicting on her baby’s gender. The Married at First Sight former star seems open with the guesses. She even shared a photo of herself when she was 14 weeks pregnant with Olivia for comparison.

Some fans predict the baby’s sex based on the position of Danielle’s belly. They believe Bobby’s spouse is having a boy because she carries low. Others think she’s having another girl because the baby’s heart rate is between 155-165 at 12 weeks. She’s expected to officially reveal whether she’s having a girl or boy in late July or early August.

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd - Bobby Dodd - Olivia

Married at First Sight: Danielle’s Life-Threatening First Birth

Meanwhile, with baby number two on the way, Danielle Dodd couldn’t help but look back at her scary delivery the first time around. The Married at First Sight star had a terrifying birth experience, which almost cost her and Olivia’s lives.

Danielle was diagnosed with preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Despite the difficulties, she managed to deliver a healthy Olivia through natural birth. Danielle Dodd  had to stay in the hospital for another five days until her blood pressure goes down.

Amid the scary situation, Bobby seemingly prepared for the worse. At that time, the Married at First star thought about changing their baby’s name from Olivia to Danielle in case his wife didn’t make it through delivery. Fortunately, both his girls survived and are now happily living together with him.

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