‘Married at First Sight’: Clara Fergus Says ‘I Love You’ to Ryan Oubre?

Married at First Sight wife Clara Fergus might not ever get her “I love you” from Ryan Oubre, according to Lifetime fans. But it sounds like the young wife is already to that point with her new husband.

Married at First Sight: Clara Fergus Admits Her Feelings

Clara Fergus wrote a love letter to Ryan Oubre for a Married at First Sight exercise. In the letter, she did not say those three little words like some people thought she would. Ryan did, however, sign the letter with love – but Clara said that’s not the same.

Married at First Sight viewers said they thought Clara would get her heart broken. Many people think that Ryan is emotionally unavailable and not at all what Clara Fergus needs. Despite that, Clara seems to feel pretty confident about staying married on Decision Day, and she told the ladies that she thinks she loves her husband.

Ryan Oubre said that he was glad he went through this with Clara no matter what happened on that fateful day. Clara Fergus didn’t like how he said that and felt upset that he might not be sure. Fans of MAFS said they felt bad for her falling so hard for Ryan.

Married at First Sight: Ryan Oubre - Clara Fergus

Ryan Oubre In Love Before?

Married at First Sight husband Ryan said Pastor Cal Roberson’s advice got him to thinking. Pastor Cal told him that love isn’t a feeling. And told him more about how love really is. Ryan Oubre said he might have been in love before.

Ryan from MAFS said he wasn’t ready to say I love you, which seemed to bother Clara Fergus. In fact, she told him she would leave if he couldn’t say it to her within six months. Ryan Oubre seemed a little scared about that and even said he and Clara are very different.

Married at First Sight viewers are glad Ryan is at least thinking about love in a more attainable light. Even so, Clara fans worry her heart is at risk.

Married at First Sight: Clara Fergus - Ryan Oubre

Married at First Sight: Ryan & Clara Most Stable Couple?

People watching this season of MAFS said it was painful to watch. In fact, most people called out the experts for doing two terrible seasons of matching in a row. However, most think this season was the worst matching of all time.

Viewers of Married at First Sight said it is bad when Clara and Ryan are the most stable couple on the show. Even though they didn’t jump into bed together, they seem to be doing well in most other ways. Ryan Oubre does have his worries about Clara Fergus’ outlook on life.

Married at First Sight watchers said they have to watch through their fingers most of the time. And most people hope they get better matches next season.

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