‘Married at First Sight’: Ryan Oubre Pumps Brakes on Clara Fergus?

Married at First Sight star Ryan Oubre said he met his match in Clara Fergus. But despite his words and his looks of admiration, fans of Lifetime think he’s pumping the brakes on his MAFS wife.

Married at First Sight: Ryan Oubre Truly Committed to Clara Fergus?

Ryan Oubre told Pastor Cal Roberson that he is totally committed to Clara Fergus. Married at First Sight husband Ryan said they get along really well and that they haven’t had any conflict yet. But Pastor Cal said not to worry because it was coming.

Ryan and Clara both said they were taking things a little slow in the intimacy department. But they were doing other things than the big thing people wonder about. Despite that comment, another comment by Clara made fans wonder what she meant.

She said she’d never seen Ryan Fergus without his shirt off. So, viewers of Married at First Sight wondered how much they could be doing one hundred percent clothed. At around a week into their marriage, it seems like he might be keeping Clara Fergus at arm’s length.

Married at First Sight: Ryan Oubre - Clara Fergus

Clara Wants More from Ryan

Married at First Sight wife Clara said she always falls in love. And she told Ryan Oubre that her big fear was that she would fall in love and he would hurt her. Ryan said he was in the relationship and didn’t want to hurt Clara Fergus.

She has a much louder and outspoken personality than her husband does. He’s the type to go to bed at 10 pm, and Clara Fergus likes to stay up late. But she said she thinks they can make a compromise on their sleeping habits.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Married at First Sight wifey Clara wants more from her marriage. And viewers hope Ryan Oubre isn’t another repeat of Luke Cuccurullo’s lack of attraction disaster. Ryan did say he does feel an attraction to his wife, though.

Married at First Sight: Atlanta: Ryan Oubre - Clara Fergus

Married at First Sight: Meshing Two Worlds

Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre do have some differences in their lives besides sleeping patterns. Ryan wants to raise his children in church, but Clara from Married at First Sight doesn’t want to force them to go. Since his parents work in ministry, this might be a problem.

Clara Fergus also worries about where she will fit in at Ryan Oubre’s house. He’s very particular about how everything is in the home. But Clara did find out he had a messy side to him when she opened his cabinets and drawers.

Married at First Sight fans are cheering this couple on and think that they could be a great success story for season 12. If Ryan can open his heart to love, the couple looks like they have a good future in front of them.

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