‘Married at First Sight: Atlanta’: Clara Gets Wedding Jitters Before Blindfolded Ceremony with Ryan Oubre

Married at First Sight star Clara Fergus and her future husband Ryan Oubre are already making headlines ahead of the show’s season 12 premiere. The couple is one of the five pairs from Atlanta to take part in Lifetime’s hit reality TV series. But unlike the rest of the group, Clara and Ryan add an extra twist to the already unique union.

Married at First Sight Atlanta: Clara Fergus Gets Cold Feet Ahead of Wedding to Ryan Oubre

Looks like Clara Fergus is getting cold feet moments before her wedding to Ryan Oubre. The Married at First Sight Atlanta bride starts feeling the pressure of marrying a complete stranger and it’s not looking good. In the latest sneak peek of the show, Clara deals with an emotional roller-coaster on her wedding day.

Clara Fergus, a hopeless romantic who previously had a terrible breakup, is open to the idea of marrying someone at first sight. But it seems nothing has prepared her for what’s to come. On her big day with Ryan, Clara gets overwhelmed with emotions, putting her out of character. Add to that her disappointment on almost everything prior to walking down the aisle to marry Ryan Oubre.

Married at First Sight: Atlanta: Clara

Ryan Oubre Takes Experimental Union up a Notch

Married at First Sight newbie Clara Fergus is not happy with her hair and makeup, noting that it’s not her style. She also complains about her “short” gown, which she describes as “ridiculous”. Clara says this is not how she pictured her wedding at all. She’s also keen on only getting married once, so the whole thing is a big deal for her.

While Clara Fergus is getting wedding jitters, her groom Ryan Oubre seems more chill about it. The Married at First Sight celeb is down with marrying a stranger. He says MAFS Atlanta’s setup is definitely out of his comfort zone but he’s willing to give it a go. He hopes that through the show, he will finally be with the right woman.

Married at First Sight: Atlanta: Ryan - Clara

Married at First Sight Fans Divided by New Bride’s Attitude

To make their Married at First Sight experience even more special, Ryan Oubre comes up with a creative idea — meet at the altar with their eyes covered. He requests to have a special blindfolded moment with his soon-to-be-wife, which is a first in the show.

Ryan explains that he wants to “add a quick layer of intimacy and physical connection to start off [their] relationship”. It was first reported that MAFS Atlanta will have a huge new twist. Initially, it was believed that the blindfold scheme will apply to all couples. But, as mentioned above, it’s only for Ryan and Clara. It seems this couple will definitely stand out among the rest.

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