‘Married at First Sight: Atlanta’ Adds Huge New Twist – Fans Weigh In

Married at First Sight is set to make a comeback in Atlanta with an extra twist — something that will be a big game-changer. The 12th season of the hit Lifetime show is heading to Atlanta to match 10 singles with their spouses. But the MAFS producers are changing up the most important event of the show. Here’s what to expect when the show returns on January 13, 2021.

Married at First Sight: Atlanta – Set to Return With Major Twist for Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre

Something big is coming to Married at First Sight Atlanta and fans are having mixed views about it. Season 12 gets a huge new twist on wedding day. And it happens when the couples meet at the altar for the first time.

For the newest season, the matched candidates will still go through the usual wedding ceremony. But they’re changing up the traditional walk down the aisle. This has always been a special moment where the MAFS couple literally sees each other for the first time.

This time around, one of the couples (Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre), all glammed up, will wear a blindfold as they make their way to the altar. This is a first for the show, making the new season even more special.

Married at First Sight Atlanta: Ryan - Clara

MAFS Fans Weigh in on Upcoming Changes

But not everyone’s a fan of the new twist added to Married at First Sight Atlanta, even if it’s just the one couple.

While some viewers like the idea, others are more critical of it. A recent poll by MAFS Fan account revealed the majority of surveyed fans find the blindfold “lame and cheesy”.

Others expressed their dismay at the fact that the bride spent hours on their eye makeup, only to get ruined by the black blindfolds There were also some who just think it’s weird to have the couples’ eyes covered, especially when walking down the aisle. Clara Fergus was walked down the aisle by her father, and he had to guide her the entire way.

Meanwhile, other Married at First Sight fans think the blindfold brings something new to the show. There were even some who find it more appealing than the previous seasons. Apparently, they believe that it will showcase the couple’s raw reaction even better as they anticipate seeing each other for the first time.

The idea for the masks was actually the husband Ryan’s idea.  He wanted to touch his brides hand first before ever seeing her.  His new wife, Clara, said she it just added an extra layer of stress.

Married at First Sight Atlanta: (MAFS) Ryan - Clara

Married at First Sight Atlanta: What to Expect?

The newest Married at First Sight Atlanta is expected to bring more drama when it returns next year. Aside from its diverse cast members, there are a lot of other firsts happening on the show.

It’s also the first time MAFS will have a groom who is almost 40 years old. Then there’s another one who has been divorced, another first for the show. Of course, there will always be cast members who will give off good or bad vibes. Because, what would MAFS be without a villain?

One Married at First Sight groom said he wants a “submissive and a freak” wife. A bride, on the other hand, made it clear that she “[does] what she wants to do [and] when she wants to do it”. Another one is still trying to embrace the idea of marrying a complete stranger. It’s definitely going to be another roller-coaster ride for the future husbands and wives.

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