‘Married at First Sight’: Atlanta Season Premiere Date & Two Hot New MAFS Specials

Married at First Sight comes back on Lifetime – along with two upcoming specials. Here’s what we know so far about everything coming up.

Married at First Sight: New Season & New Couples in Atlanta

Married at First Sight stays down south for the widely popular matchmaking experiment. Following a successful season in New Orleans where three of the five couples stayed together, the experts hope to duplicate that success in Atlanta. The upcoming content follows five new duos as they marry and see if the experts get it right.

New Married at First Sight episodes kick off in January with a three-hour premiere. And there’s sure to be a lot of drama as Lifetime introduces the new couples. Getting to know a new batch of marriage hopefuls is always a big draw. And Lifetime teases “high-stakes” for the new couples this time around.

Married at First Sight: Clara Fergus

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Married at First Sight: Two Behind the Scenes Specials Coming

Along with new episodes coming, Lifetime has a treat in store for Married at First Sight fans. There’s a Season 12 Matchmaking Special coming on December 30. The behind the scenes show explores what goes into the matchmaking process. And it gives watchers an in-depth look at everything that goes on.

Following that, there’s also a Married at First Sight Kickoff Special on January 6. Host Kevin Frazier returns with a panel of insiders for an exclusive look at the Gate City’s upcoming season. Kevin Frazier is a fan-favorite for the way he handles the MAFS reunion specials. And he’ll be there to show viewers what they can expect this time around.

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This upcoming special features a deep dive into the new husbands and wives – including never before seen footage from the new episodes. The bonus footage includes scenes from the selection process. Along with that, the Married at First Sight experts have secrets to tell. So, there’s a lot to look forward to leading up to season twelve.

Married at First Sight: Kevin Frazier

What to Expect on Lifetime

Longtime Married at First Sight watchers may think they know what to expect from the long-running franchise. But this Atlanta season features a few firsts for the show. One groom is “pushing forty” this time around. And another new cast member is a divorcee. So, these are two curveballs before things get underway.

Meanwhile, Married at First Sight spoilers say one couple comes face to face with a “bombshell” that neither sees coming. Moreover, even though the faces are new, viewers can expect much of the same drama that comes with every fresh crop of stars.

Each Married at First Sight episode in the ATL is two hours long. So, that’s plenty of time to get to know the couples as they navigate this modern take on the concept of arranged marriage. Which couples make it and which couples call it quits is always a big topic heading into a new season. And watchers can see how these couples navigate the marriage process when new episodes premiere – January 13 at 8 pm on the Lifetime network.

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