‘Married at First Sight’: Clara and Ryan Oubre Try Tantric Yoga to Connect

Married at First Sight star Ryan Oubre has not yet consummated his marriage to Clara Fergus. This has caused excessive stress for Clara, who said she needs the physical side of a relationship to feel connected with her partner. While the duo seems to be well-matched otherwise, the frustration is rising, so she tried an unusual approach.

Ryan Oubre & Clara Fergus Take It Slow on Married at First Sight

Since their wedding on Married at First Sight, Ryan Oubre and Clara Fergus have focused on becoming closer as a couple. Many of their interests and thoughts align with each other on the Lifetime show, but they definitely have different ideas when things turn to the bedroom. Clara is very outspoken and has told Ryan she loves him since pretty early in their relationship.

On the other hand, Ryan Oubre has never said “I love you” to anyone in his past relationships. Although Clara Fergus mentioned to another Married at First Sight couple that if he hasn’t said he loves her in six-months, she’s probably leaving. Ryan explained that he feels the need to connect on a deeper emotional level before moving to a physical relationship.

According to Clara Fergus of Married at First Sight, the only problem is that she’s satisfying Ryan every night in some fashion, but he doesn’t reciprocate. Fans of MAFS believe Clara needs to “cut him off” to make Ryan Oubre realize the importance of pleasing her as well. So far,  it seems that hasn’t happened yet.

Married at First Sight: Ryan Oubre

MAFS: Ryan Doesn’t Benefit From Tantric Yoga

Clara arranged for an instructor to teach a tantra yoga class for her and Ryan Oubre of Married at First Sight. Clara told the instructor she wanted them to connect in ways they haven’t yet as newlyweds. And Clara Fergus said she hoped for good energy and a good connection between her and Ryan.

Ryan Oubre joked and replied, “retweet what she said,” in answer to the question of what he wanted to get out of the class. Clara told viewers of Married at First Sight she hoped this yoga session would help her husband get over the last hurdle for them to have intercourse. The instructor guided them through several intimate poses. Afterward, Ryan told MAFS fans he could see how it might work for some people. But he didn’t think it helped his and Clara’s connection.

Simply talking about their private life hasn’t helped Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre reach that connection Clara craves. She told fans of Married at First Sight she went into the class with good intentions. Furthermore, she hoped it would bring her and Ryan closer sexually. She also said she couldn’t be with a man who wouldn’t make love with her indefinitely. Clara said she felt like she was the only one trying.

Married at First Sight: Clara Fergus

Married at First Sight: Clara Rants About Lack of Intimacy

Fans of the Lifetime show Married at First Sight may already know Clara Fergus revealed to Haley Harris and Briana Morris that she and Ryan Oubre didn’t even kiss the first few days of their marriage. Clara told their friends she’d never seen her husband with his shirt off. On this week’s show, Ryan told his wife he doesn’t have a timeline for intimacy. Still, he felt they’d both been accommodating while they were building the trust necessary to connect on a deeper level.

Clara Fergus showed no reaction and didn’t respond. It’s been no secret on Married at First Sight that she has been pleasing Ryan every night. But she complains that he doesn’t do anything for her. During a gathering of the ladies of MAFS, Clara ranted about the lack of physical intimacy with her husband. She tells the other ladies they are doing “sex things,” but she doesn’t get why they can’t have actual intercourse.

She thinks Ryan may have a fairy tale scene built up in his head over the ultimate act of love. But she doesn’t see why she and Ryan can’t consummate the marriage if they’re doing everything else. This Married at First Sight couple has a lot of ground to cover in the few weeks before Decision Day. Will they reach that deeper connection Ryan Oubre wants? Or will Clara’s  frustration at the lack of physical intimacy break them apart?

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