‘Married at First Sight’: Brett Blames Editing for Bad Behavior – But a Witness Says It’s All Him

Married at First Sight husband Brett Lindsey comes across as a player on the Lifetime show. And, he recently tried to chalk that up to clever editing by production to maximize drama. But, someone close to the situation indicated that may not be the case at all.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey Blames Editing for Looking Bad on Camera

A few episodes into the new season of MAFS, Brett Lindsey comes across as a ladies’ man. He said in the premiere episode of the New Orleans season that if he doesn’t find his wife attractive, there would be “no point” continuing the Married at First Sight process.

Season 11 groom Brett Lindsey talks like he’s a catch. And, he seems well-versed in the dating app lifestyle. So much so that many of his friends and family were surprised he’d want to settle down and be married at all. So far on Married at First Sight, Brett comes off like a player.

Married at First Sight: Brett

MAFS: Is He as Bad as He Seems?

Married at First Sight production editing for drama is a hot topic every season. This is especially true when things turn sour in marriages and cast members reveal their true colors. And, recently, Brett Lindsey threw production under the bus for how he comes across in episodes.

Brett Lindsey from Married at First Sight tweeted then deleted that he’s being judged from “highly edited clips” after drinking too much on-camera. It sounds like Brett feels the heat from viewer criticism. But, according to someone that was there, editing might not be the culprit. And her clapback might be why he deleted his message.

Kristin (Henry Rodriguez’s friend) called Brett out and said Married at First Sight editing is not the issue. She was there during the bachelor party where Brett Lindsey got drunk and hit on other women. Meanwhile, Kristin added that he was “actually that terrible” and “invasive” in her personal space. If Kristin’s on the mark, Brett might be accountable for his own actions.

Married at First Sight: Brett


Married at First Sight: Do Olivia & Brett Make It?

Because of Brett’s behavior early on this season, most MAFS followers believe he’s the bad boy villain of the New Orleans season. There’s usually one bad apple every season despite the experts trying to weed them out. Last season alone yielded two to three depending on who you ask (Zach Justice, Brandon Reid, and Katie Conrad).

With the new Married at First Sight episodes barely underway, viewers call for Olivia to ditch Brett Lindsey. But, based on the latest leaks for this season, watchers won’t have to wait long to see her kick the serial dater to the curb. Spoilers say they are one of two couples that call it quits on Decision Day.

Those around Brett on Married at First Sight don’t believe he is serious about settling down. And, based on the latest leaks, his wife doesn’t believe he’s ready, either. Catch all-new episodes of MAFS, Wednesday nights on the Lifetime channel.

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