‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Resume Arizona Vacation

LPBW fans were treated to many photos by Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler, and Tori and Rach recently. They all headed to Maui for a post Pumpkin Season break. While Tori and Zach headed home with Baby J, Matt explained how they got to spend so much time with little Jackson this vacation. It seems the Maui trip ended up as a last-minute interruption to their Arizona vacation.

‘LPBW’ fans know Matt Roloff loves Maui

Fans of the Little people, Big World reality TV show by TLC know Matt Roloff really loves Maui. After Pumpkin Season ends, the cold rainy time begins in Oregon so he likes to head for the warm beaches of Hawaii. Likewise, this year, Tori and Zach planned a trip to Maui, taking along Baby J for some beach time fun. But Matt explains they didn’t actually plan to holiday with the kids and their son Jackson. If you’re thinking grandpa isn’t giving Zach and Tori space – think again.

Matt Roloff explained on his Instagram, that in fact, they were planning a trip to their “new getaway home in Arizona.” While they often go to “Maui, Mexico, Roatan the BVI or someplace else sunny and relaxing,” they hadn’t planned for Maui this year. Matt said that the trip to Maui happened unexpectedly. According to his Instagram post, at the last minute, when they were ready to head to Arizona, things changed. It must have been wonderful though, for him to spend time at the beach with his grandson. It seems like just yesterday he gave Zach advice on the impending birth of Baby J.

Tori and Zach Roloff discuss babysitting in Maui with Matt

It looks like Tori and Zach were in need of someone to help babysit Baby J on their holiday. And, as Matt explains, they said, “hey why don’t you and Caryn swing thru Maui on the way to Arizona?” So, plans and flights were changed and they all ended up in Maui. While Matt and Caryn didn’t stay in the same resort, they got to spend loads of time with Jackson.

Matt Roloff wrote to LPBW followers, that it was “win-win,” and he loves to spend time with Jackson. The arrangement also gave “Zach and Tori…some well deserved hang out alone time.”


Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff resume their Arizona vacation

Matt and Caryn waved goodbye to Tori, Zach and Baby J who left for home. Now, they are getting ready to resume their original plans to head for Arizona. Matt Roloff really did not need to explain to all the LPBW fans what goes on in their decision-making, so it was kind of him to lay it out. However, at least one tabloid did note he was with the kids on their holiday.

None of his LPBW followers seems concerned about the fact that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler got to spend time with Tori and Zach Roloff, and Baby J. In fact, they wished them the best for the rest of their vacation. It looks like Arizona is also nice and warm, as some people who live there noted the weather’s great.

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