‘LPBW’ Fans Freak Out Over Caryn Chandler’s Mom – Jaw-Dropping Youthfulness

LPBW fans are freaking out over how young Caryn Chandler‘s mom looks. Her jaw-dropping youthfulness had them confused as they thought Caryn’s mom was her. In fact, as she sports a different hairstyle, some people nearly congratulated Caryn on her new cut.

LPBW’ – Peas in a pod on Instagram

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff of TLC’s LPBW show went to Surprise in Arizona after diverting to Maui where they spent time with Baby J. On Thanksgiving Day, Caryn posted up a photo on her Instagram showing Matt, Caryn, her daughter, mom, and dad. The three women in the picture look like they are sisters and that confused some Little People, Big World followers. They asked Caryn to get her mom to post her secrets on looking so young.

Here’s what went down on the LPBW stars Insta. @kaylakristinesmom posted, “Oh my gosh, Caryn, I thought the lady with short hair was you!!!! I was about to tell you how much I loved your new “do”. Y’all look just alike. Pretty sisters…Well, I’m guessing y’all are sisters. LOL!!” Caryn Chandler, kind enough to answer the fans who thought they were sisters wrote, “Oh my gosh that’s so sweet. That is actually my mom & my daughter is on the other side of me. 3 generations.”

Fans not sweet to Caryn Chandler just genuinely freaked out

When Caryn Chandler said people were “sweet” to say they all looked like sisters, her followers were not just saying it to be kind. Caryn’s mom looking so young genuinely freaked them out. Other LPBW followers also talked about how fantastically youthful her mom looked. Actually, one of them noted that her mom looks at east “20 years younger than she probably is.”

Other LPBW viewers wished them all a happy Thanksgiving Day and said she looks only about forty-years-old. Notably, that’s ten years younger than Caryn herself. Still more commenters wanted to know her secret to looking so youthful. However, many people agreed it must be in their genes. Caryn herself is not a spring chicken and she looks much younger than many others her age.

Youthfulness runs in the family it seems

Caryn Chandler’s daughter actually does look like the youngest sister in the photo. That doesn’t mean she looks old. Youthfulness does run in the family it seems. The lucky lady looks to carry on that jaw-dropping youth gene into her later years as well.

Do you think Caryn Chandler, her mom, and her daughter all look like sisters? What would you do learn a secret to keep you looking youthful when your granddaughter reaches adulthood?

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