‘Love Is Blind’: Mark Cuevas Shares Big Baby Bombshell

Love Is Blind‘s Mark Cuevas has exciting news, and Netflix viewers are thrilled he’s no longer hung up on Jessica Batten and moved on with his life. His baby bomb gained support from fans and former castmates of the show as they flooded him with congratulations.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas & Jessica Batten Are a Bust

Watching LiB on Netflix was a painful experience for many viewers. Seeing behind the scenes of what was happening for Mark Cuevas had viewers screaming at the screen. Jessica pursued engaged Matt Barnett and hurt her new fiance Mark.

Despite Love Is Blind star Jessica’s behavior, Mark did his best for them. Jessica did some strange things — like giving her dog wine out of her glass. But Mark Cuevas did his best to ignore it. But what Jessica couldn’t ignore was the 10-year age difference between her and Mark.

Before long, things started to blow up on Love Is Blind. And even at the reunion, it was obvious Jessica knew she treated Mark Cuevas badly. But it looks like that all worked out in his favor.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas - Aubrey Rainey

Mark & Girlfriend Excited for April Baby

Love Is Blind star Mark Cuevas and his girlfriend, Aubrey Rainey, are now expecting their first child. The couple has been dating since Summer, and it looks like they got serious fast. Viewers showed their excitement that Mark is in love and has a baby on the way.

Love Is Blind wife Amber Pike was happy about the news. But it sounds like she and Matt Barnett knew about the baby before the public announcement. In fact, the two couples often hang out and have become good friends.

Love Is Blind celeb Damian Powers congratulate his buddy, Mark Cuevas. He said, “You’re going to be an incredible dad, and I wish all three of you all the love and happiness life has to offer.” Mark Cuevas replied that the well wishes meant the world to him.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas - Aubrey Rainey

Love Is Blind: Getting Ready for Dad Life

It looks like Mark Cuevas is more than ready for life as a dad with Aubrey Rainey. The Love Is Blind celeb even has a DAD hat he sports. It seems like his girlfriend, Aubrey is ready for her new little one as well, despite feeling a little fatigued.

Aubrey Rainey is from Ohio but now lives in Atlanta with her boyfriend. They met in a restaurant in Atlanta and then started to visit each other regularly. And after officially starting dating, they never left each other’s sides.

Fans noticed that Mark Cuevas’ girlfriend is one year younger than him. And they figured that his ex would approve, but no one thinks they care about what Jessica thinks.

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