‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman’s Insane History of Arrests

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman is currently behind bars following her most recent arrest for drug possession. The troubled reality star has been in and out of jail for a significant portion of her life. In light of her current stint in lockup, there’s a long criminal record to delve into when it comes to Clint Brady’s goddess. What does Tracie Wagaman’s colorful criminal past look like?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman’s Criminal History

Tracie Wagaman has a long rap sheet stretching back all the way to the early 2000’s. She admitted in a Love After Lockup deleted scene that she has been in and out of jail for the last six and a half years. But, digging into her past, her history of trouble with the law extends even further back than that.

Tracie Wagaman mentioned on Love After Lockup she did things of which she’s not proud. After the most recent arrest, it calls for a deeper look. Court records show police arrested Tracie Wagaman for prostitution back in 2002. Official transcripts show she was convicted and ordered to pay a fine.

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Love After Lockup: More on Tracie’s Background

Back in 2013, Midland Crime Stoppers asked the public to help locate Tracie Wagaman. They listed her as a “fugitive”. In that particular instance, they wanted her for a “Supervised Release Violation”. But, the original charge was counterfeiting. Even though the post is from 2013, many Love After Lockup watchers are leaving recent comments on the thread. Tracie Wagaman has also been back behind bars since she first appeared on Love After Lockup.

Many Love After Lockup followers were pulling for Tracie and Clint despite her lengthy rap sheet. When Tracie Wagaman entered the Inked Magazine Cover Girl 2019 contest, one of the things she said she would do if she won was put the prize money toward a house with Clint Brady. With her latest charges against her, it looks like that dream is definitely on hold. And instead of a magazine cover, she scored another mug shot to add to her portfolio.

What Happens to Tracie Now?

Currently, Tracie Wagaman is in custody. Nothing is concrete yet as far as a potential trial and/or conviction go. But, in light of her criminal history and priors, things don’t look good for the troubled WE tv cast member. Police picked the Love After Lockup cast member up on August 6 in Texas. They set her bond at $5,000. With her prior convictions taken into account, the court can increase any new charges and/or fines they put against her.

Meanwhile, Clint Brady has been silent since Tracie Wagaman’s recent arrest. His last update on Instagram was back in July. Clint Brady’s mom Alice Brady said she would be done if Tracie went back to drugs. So, will he stick with his goddess – or, could this latest arrest be the final straw?

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