‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: James and Alla Back Together

Love After Lockup spoilers reports James Cristia and Alla Subbotina are back together. During the Season 1 Where Are They Now? episode James said he had a new girlfriend. However, at the time the episode aired the couple had already resumed their relationship.

Love After Lockup – James Cristia & Alla Subbotina Plan To Marry


James Cristia has announced on Instagram that he and Alla Subbotina have reunited. Alla will be released from prison next year. The couple plans to wed and have even discussed having children together.

James took some heat on social media after it came out he had a wife and two children when he started dating Alla. He has since divorced and wants a future with her. He said via Instagram “our hearts are still attached to each other. I’m still waiting for her.”

Alla Subbotina Still In Prison

Alla was serving a 5 year sentence for selling Heroin. Love After Lockup fans recall that the couple were happy together when she was first released from prison. However, Alla relapsed quickly and collapsed on screen during Season 1. The situation was quite traumatic for James but he stood by her as she entered rehab.

Alla Subbotina remained clean for a short time. However, she failed to tell her parole officer where she was and began using drug once again. Her parole was revoked and Alla returned to prison. The two broke up and James Cristia dated several other women.

During the Love After Lockup: Season 1 Where Are They Now? episode Alla called James and they fought horribly. She called him every name in the book. Alla Subbotina also blamed him for her return to prison. She accused him of calling her parole officer because she was hanging out with another man. It seems this was all an act since James has confirmed that the couple was together during the filming of the episode.

LAL – James Regrets Being On The Show

During a Q&A session, James reported that his only regret was filming Love After Lockup.  He stated, “Nothing positive came from the show.” He didn’t even plan on watching the Where Are They Now? episode. Being filmed constantly put added pressure on the couple that they didn’t need.

James said he would not recommend dating an inmate. He felt the challenges are great and it is very hard, according to his statements.

One of James Cristia’s biggest complaints is how judgmental other people are when they hear he is dating and in love with an inmate. He is hopeful that Alla will stay healthy and sober so they can begin their life together. Time will tell if she is ready to have a baby with him and be a step-mother to his two children. It seems the biggest obstacle this couple will face is her addiction.

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