‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Where Are They Now – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup spoilers reports on the status of the six couples from Season 1- Where are they now, are they still together?  LAL spoilers also hint at the future drama to unfold during Season 2. The reality show returns for its second season on December 7 at 9/8c on WE TV. Angela & Tony and Scott & Lizzie relationships were on hold at the end of last season due to complications with release dates. Season 2 of Love After Lockup will continue their love stories along with four new couples who all yearn to find true love with newly released prison inmates.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Mary & Dominic Dalla Nora

Love After Lockup: Dominic and Mary

After Dominic Dalla Nora and Mary were together for a year, Dom  was sent to prison for six years. Mary decided they shared a special connection and she would wait for him. At the end of season 1 of Love After Lockup they married in a private ceremony. While it has been rough, the couple is in love and still together. Recently, Mary and Dominic Nora renewed their wedding vows with their friends and family in attendance.

Love After Lockup – Angela & Tony

Love After Lockup: Tony - Angela

Tony and Angela are finally together on Season 2 of Love After Lockup. Angela was left waiting at the bus depot when Tony wasn’t released from prison last season. The southern Angela likes Tony because he is young and hot. However, there may not be a happily ever after for this couple. It seems an old flame of Angela’s will return with more than friendship on his mind. Only time will tell if this couple will be able to weather this latest storm.

Scott & Lizzie – Where Are They Now?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie - Scott - We TV

The couple has been together for three years but Lizzie was in prison during the entire relationship. This season, Lizzie is released. Scott and Lizzie face several obstacles as she returns home. Scott has waited for Lizzie for years but she tells him she doesn’t want to have sex right away when she gets home.

Love After Lockup spoilers hint he is not happy. The couple then face an even bigger challenge when her daughter moves in with the couple. Scott moved to Wisconsin since Lizzie will have to parole to that state. He admits he has spent over $90,000 on Lizzie. Scott has blown through his savings and is now in debt.

Johnna & Garrett on LAL

Love After Lockup: Garrett - Johnna

Johnna and Garrett almost eloped after Garrett planned the entire wedding. However, Johnna couldn’t say ‘I do” without her family being present. The couple broke up very quickly after the wedding fail. Garrett admits he cheated on Johnna more than once during their relationship. He reported he even had sex while in prison with the lunch lady.

Garrett has moved on and has a new girlfriend, Nellie. However, Johnna begged Garrett to come back to her. Johnna and Nellie have exchanged nasty words over social media. While Johnna insists to Love After Lockup she has moved on, she still seems to long for her lost relationship with Garrett.

Love After Lockup – Andrea & Lamar

Love After Lockup: Lamar - Andrea

Season 1 of Love After Lockup ended with Andrea and Lamar’s wedding. Before filming began for the follow-up episode, Andrea told producers it would be difficult for her to participate due to personal reasons. Instead her lifelong friends gathered and spoke on air to Andrea via Skype.  While at first hesitant to tell the group, Andrea finally admits Lamar broke the rules of his parole and is back in prison. He was associating with known gangs members and had a stripper in the car with him when he was arrested.

Andrea is living in a bad neighbor in California with her children. Lamar’s family doesn’t like her. She is basically a single mother and completely alone. Andrea admits while she loves her husband she loves her happiness more. She hopes to move back to Utah soon.

James & Alla: Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup: Alla - James

James and Alla were happy to be together once she was released from prison. However, as fans saw on Love After Lockup, she began lying and relapsed with drugs fairly quickly. Alla ultimately broke her parole and returned to prison. James has moved on and has a new girlfriend. He is enjoying the stability and doesn’t miss the chaos of Alla.

At least that is what James tells the cameras but he still talks to Alla regularly on the phone. While Alla knows James was dating someone in the past, she is unaware he has a new girlfriend. James and his new girlfriend recently broke up while Alla remains in prison.

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