‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzy Copeland’s Amazing New Path

Love After Lockup‘s Lizzy Copeland and Daniel Valentine called it quits on the WEtv show. And, Lizzy is in a much better place since the split. She recently updated her followers on everything she is doing now. And, it looks like she’s on a completely different path.

Love After Lockup: How Lizzy Copeland Keeps Busy Since Daniel Valentine Split

Lizzy Copeland was in college and working full-time on her season of Love After Lockup. And, it looks like she still pursues her academic goals to build a better life for herself. At one point, she was ready to marry Daniel Valentine and settle down. But, that didn’t work out for the former WEtv couple.

Lizzy Copeland said recently that she applied to get into a program for social work at her university. And, that required writing and re-writing an essay to get into it. Lizzy added that the essay shows the most “raw version” of herself. And, the Love After Lockup cast member hopes it’s enough to get into the program and further her career goals.

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland

Love After Lockup: Lizzy’s Messy Split from Daniel

Things went well for a while on Love After Lockup for Lizzy Copeland and her felon boyfriend. Their mothers met. And, even though there was tension in the room, things seemed to move in a positive direction. Lizzy was ready to settle down and have kids. But, Daniel Valentine had other priorities.

Rather than look for wedding venues, Daniel Valentine decided to spend thousands of dollars on a car. And, that was a deal-breaker for Lizzy on Love After Lockup. Since then, Daniel remarried and seems happy with his new wife. Meanwhile, it’s clear Lizzy is focusing on her goals since the split. And, she has some big things in the works. Hopefully, she gets into this new program so she can continue on that path moving forward.

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland - Daniel Valentine

What’s Next for WEtv Star?

There was a lot of back and forth between Daniel Valentine and Lizzy Copeland. This included a lot of shade and mud-slinging. But, overall, it looks like Lizzy put her Love After Lockup past with the former felon behind her. And, she seems to be doing much better for it. Meanwhile, it’s clear she keeps herself busy with other things. And, she put herself in a position to be successful after her history with drugs and former criminals.

Following things going south with Daniel, Lizzy Copeland talked about trying to put herself back out there and find love again. At least for now, it doesn’t look like she has any luck. She told her Love After Lockup followers that a lot of people leave her “on read.” And, it doesn’t look like she found Daniel’s replacement.

Since her time on Love After Lockup, she focuses on herself and the things she wants to accomplish. And, it’s clear that works out for her so far. In addition, if she is accepted into the social work program, she will be one step closer to her goals.

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