‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Slams Tracie – Throws Her Under the Bus in Live Rant

Love After Lockup husband Clint Brady recently slammed Tracie Wagaman in a live rant. They’re in the middle of another public feud – and it’s ugly. The estranged married pair have been on a downward spiral in recent weeks. And, it looks like they may be nearing the end of their troubled marriage. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Gloves Come off for Clint Brady & Tracie Wagaman

Love After Lockup celeb Tracie Wagaman recently posted text message exchanges online. The texts are allegedly from groom Clint Brady. Tracie included unedited screenshots of the alleged texts – along with a phone number supposedly belonging to her husband. Meanwhile, the content in the texts is quite incendiary – including some major accusations.

Clint Brady and Love After Lockup wife Tracie Wagaman have been on the rocks for months. Split rumors surround the pair on a regular basis. And, up until a few weeks ago, they seemed to be working out their issues. But, based on everything that recently went down, this looks like the final straw for the duo.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Life After Lockup

LALU: Clint Brady Retaliates Against His Former Goddess

It didn’t take long for Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady to respond to Tracie Wagaman’s leaked screenshots. Clint fired shots online in response. Meanwhile, he also leaked a number online he said is Tracie’s. He went in on her for allegedly having meth on her. And, he claimed his head bled after Tracie hit him with a phone.

Meanwhile, Clint Brady went in on Tracie Wagaman even more. He said she forgot her son’s birthday. In addition, he said she gave herself a “black eye” following the phone incident – and she didn’t want him to call the cops. Tracie Wagaman wears wigs regularly. And, Clint Brady took a shot at her “fake hair” and called her a “crackwh***” too.

Interestingly, the update from Clint refers to him in the third person at one point. And, “M+C” is at the end of it. So, this shot at Tracie looks like it’s from her husband and someone else – perhaps his new woman.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Life After Lockup

Will the Love After Lockup Pair Divorce?

Things didn’t end there for the estranged Love After Lockup duo. Clint Brady did another live online and went in on his former goddess more. Clint Brady ranted live online in the past. And, he did it once more in response to the latest round of drama going on for the pair.

Along with throwing Tracie Wagaman under the bus, Clint Brady hinted at some big changes coming up. He mentioned filing an annulment before March 21, 2020 – before the twosome’s one-year anniversary. Meanwhile, he also talked about writing a book.

Clint Brady moved on with another woman during Tracie’s most recent stint in rehab. And, based on this latest round of online sparring from the Love After Lockup married couple, things definitely seem to be over for the duo. Interestingly, there isn’t a way to re-watch Clint Brady’s rant. But, he bashed his wife for the majority of it. And, based on what he said, Tracie Wagaman may soon be his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, he accused her of being a “wh***” on numerous occasions. And, said she’d perform sexual favors on police officers to get out of tickets. Currently, there’s a lot of hate spewing from Clint’s end. And, this latest round may not be the last of it.

Certainly, it will be interesting to see if they go through with a divorce. And, whether or not they fire more shots in the coming days.

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