‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Spills on Final Straw with Tracie

Love After Lockup cast member Clint Brady recently said what the final straw was with Tracie Wagaman. And, he even had his new girlfriend, Genoveve, with him to clear things up. Clint’s split from Tracie is very public. And, he had some interesting things to say. What did he reveal?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Spills Tea on Tracie Wagaman

Tracie Wagaman said recently that Love After Lockup hubby Clint Brady stopped visiting her in rehab. And, that he had an affair with now-girlfriend, Genoveve. But, according to Clint, that’s not how things went down. He said he was living in his car after his parents cut him off. And, even so, he came to visit his Love After Lockup wife in rehab.

Meanwhile, Clint Brady claims Tracie Wagaman bought meth two days out of rehab. He also said she lied about it. And, that she didn’t take rehab seriously. He alleged that the only reason she agreed to go to rehab at the end of the last Life After Lockup season was because Sharp Entertainment paid her to do so.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Tracie Wagaman - Cllint Brady

LALU: Tracie Chose Drugs Over Clint?

The way Clint Brady sees it, Tracie Wagaman chose drugs over their marriage. He said Tracie now has a gambling addiction in addition to her drug habit. And, he added that she would still disappear for days at a time toward the end of their relationship.

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie won a few jackpots at the casino before they had to shut down due to COVID-19. And, Clint said he didn’t see a dime from any of her winnings even though they’re still technically married. And, based on what he said, it certainly looks like Tracie picked up a new addiction.

Ultimately, Clint Brady said he could no longer trust his wife. And, he couldn’t keep going down the same path with her. It’s no secret that his parents never liked his wife. And, even though his parents kicking him out was definitely a wake-up call for the Love After Lockup star, it seems he decided to end things with Tracie Wagaman all on his own.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

Future Plans for Love After Lockup Celeb

Clint Brady waits on his six-month residency in Ohio before he can make his divorce from Tracie Wagaman official. But, he said he should legally be free of their estranged marriage by July. Meanwhile, even though things with Tracie aren’t finalized yet, Clint and girlfriend Genoveve exchanged promise rings. Meanwhile, he lists himself as “divorced” online – and has for a few months now.

Clint said he moved to Ohio for “love”. And, it looks like things are serious for the pair. Genoveve said she messaged Clint online one night after seeing Love After Lockup on TV – after Tracie was in rehab. But, Clint clarified that he didn’t develop feelings for his new lady love until roughly two weeks before his wife got out.

Clint Brady and bride Tracie Wagaman have a lot of ups and downs on Love After Lockup and the Life After Lockup spinoff. And, he said his life improved “ten-fold” since kicking Tracie to the curb. Clint has been clean since October/November 2019. And, he plans to stay away from “hardcore drugs” moving forward.

He even hinted at a new job lined up. He said he would give his Love After Lockup followers more details at a later date. So, that’s definitely something to keep an eye on – especially since he moved on and put the drama with his former goddess behind him.

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