‘Love After Lockup’: Chanda Living Her Best Life – Did She Use Tyrice?

Love After Lockup‘s Chanda (Tyrice’s WEtv flame) seems to be living her best life in real-time. She focuses on herself and her children. But, some viewers think she used Tyrice to get ahead.

Love After Lockup Update: Chanda Focuses on Herself

Love After Lockup celeb, Chanda, appears to ghost Tyrice in current WEtv episodes. Tyrice says he hasn’t talked to Chanda since the day she got out. And, his kids see this as a major red flag. She doesn’t answer his calls. And, even though they haven’t confirmed anything officially, it looks like they’re no longer an item.

Meanwhile, that doesn’t stop Chanda from focusing on the things she wants to do now that she’s out of prison. She recently shared a photo on a motorcycle. And, she looks tiny on it. In addition, she added that she does what she wants for herself and her boys. And, that no one can define her or her “shine”.

Love After Lockup: Chanda

Love After Lockup: Chanda Spends Time with Kids

Chanda was behind bars for three years for drug-related charges. And, with young boys, that means missing a significant chunk of their young lives. Chanda’s kids aren’t a focus in her Love After Lockup storyline with Tyrice. But, now that she is free and back on the outside, she makes up for lost time by spending time with them.

Chanda recently carved pumpkins with her boys. And, it’s clear they are her top priority since coming out of the clink. Meanwhile, along with catching up with her kids, Chanda dropped a lot of weight since she was behind bars. And, she shows off her slimmer figure in recent updates. She looks like she’s in a better place overall since coming out of prison.

Love After Lockup: Chanda

Did WE Star Play Tyrice?

Love After Lockup cast member, Chanda, shares updates of herself and her children. But, she doesn’t mention Tyrice at all. And, many viewers call her out for using the engineer to get ahead. Meanwhile, through all of that, Chanda maintains that she never took advantage of anyone. In her mind, she never used anyone that wasn’t “willing to give”. According to her, she makes her own way.

Tyrice said on Love After Lockup that he gave Chanda money here and there. But, it looks like she is just fine without him in the picture based on her latest updates. There are a lot of things working against the pair in current episodes of the WEtv show. And, along with the disapproval from his children, there are things like their large age gap to consider as well. But, if they called it quits, that may no longer be a concern.

On top of that, Chanda said on Love After Lockup that she talked to several other men while she was locked up. So, it could be she just needed someone to help her get on her feet when she first got out. Meanwhile, Tyrice got cozy with another woman back in January 2020. So, it looks like he may have moved on, too. It’s likely viewers will see more of what goes down between them in upcoming episodes.

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