‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Caputo’s Ex Larry In Sappy Post With New Gal – Bad Timing?

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo has some very loyal fans. So, when they spotted ex-husband Larry Caputo‘s love-sick post, they slammed the guy. Larry is a grown man with two adult children, yet fans of his wife’s show think his latest social media post makes him sound like a goo-goo-eyed teen.

Long Island Medium: Theresa Caputo Supporters Pounce

Theresa Caputo fans were quick to point out that Larry Caputo needs to grow up. It’s not so much the picture in the post that got Long Island Medium viewers riled. It’s how he captioned the selfie with him and his new love nuzzling his face.

First of all, the name on his Instagram is 33biglarry. This brings up all types of assumptions of why he sees himself as “Big Larry”. Secondly the caption, “Love my baby boo!” seemed to throw Theresa Caputo’s fans for a loop.

Larry Caputo Steals Limelight?

Many fans found it a bit ridiculous coming from a man in his 50s. Maybe if Big Larry had posted this at another time in his life, folks would have let it go. However, some have taken it also as him stealing his daughter’s limelight.

But his beautiful daughter Victoria Caputo announced her engagement just days earlier. Then out pops the ex-husband of the Long Island Medium with his own post announcing he’s fallen in love. Why pile that on top of her big news?

Long Island Medium: Larry Caputo

Theresa and Larry’s Daughter Victoria Caputo Engagement Announced

Victoria Caputo, 24, announced her engagement on her Instagram page on February 18. Then just a couple of days later her father posted his “boo” sentiments on his own Instagram page. Victoria plans to marry Michael Mastrandrea.

There’s not much known about this young man. That’s because Victoria and her brother Larry Caputo Jr have not been part of their mom’s Long Island Medium show lately. These young adults are off living their own lives. But they remain really close with their mom. Victoria and Michael’s pic appears below.

Long Island Medium: Victoria Caputo and Michael Mastrandrea

Larry Caputo Is Still Theresa’s Man to Some Long Island Medium Fans

While many fans blasted Larry Caputo and suggested he belongs back with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium didn’t seem fazed a bit. She’s been busy with work. Theresa is learning to navigate new ground now that she’s single after 28 years of marriage.

Theresa and Larry Caputo married very young and the two seemed like a great couple together on the show. But they started to drift apart. A picture of Larry Caputo shopping with a woman named Connie Stauddy emerged at the end of last year. At the time, people surmised that she’s his new girlfriend.

Long Island Medium: Larry Caputo -Connie Stauddy

Who is Larry Caputo’s Boo?

While it’s not known if his “boo” is the same woman shown above, they do look alike. Still, fans weren’t thrilled to learn how the two met. Connie Stauddy reportedly met Larry Caputo when she made an appointment with the Long Island Medium. So that’s how she first ran into the guy that now seems to call her “boo”.

Larry and Theresa Caputo report their divorce as amicable. But some fans still react as if it’s Larry’s fault. For now, Theresa’s ex-hubby will have to ignore the haters. But, maybe when Theresa Caputo finds a new love, fans will lessen pressure on her ex to go back to her. Besides, no one knows if Theresa even wants to reboot her marriage. She seems very content today.

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