‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa and Larry Caputo Gearing Up For Heated Divorce?

Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, and her husband Larry Caputo are divorcing (which isn’t a secret). Past reports indicate it is a very amicable divorce after 28-years of marriage. With that said, the recent rumors suggest something else may be in store for the couple.

They may be facing a rather heated time of divorcing each other because of money. Theresa Caputo has amassed a small fortune from her TV show, book sales, and appearances around the nation as a psychic medium.

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Long Island Medium Husband and Wife Team

She started her journey to fame back in 2011 and from the beginning her husband Larry has been by her side. They were a real team, or seemingly so to the audience.

RadarOnline reports that Larry Caputo’s business has been dissolved and the timing of this comes at a peculiar time. Documents show that Larry shutdown the business before the couple announced they were separating last year in December.

Big Larry Apparel Now Kaput

His personal business was called Big Larry Apparel LLC and while the Twitter account for the company is still up, it hasn’t seen a tweet since August of 2015. The website for the company is no longer active as well.

RadarOnline discovered via the New York Department of State Division of Corporation that the business wasn’t in any tax trouble. It was voluntarily shut down.

Long Island Medium Amassed Fortune

With Larry’s business gone and his wife amassing an estimated fortune of somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million what will this look like in court? The entertainment website suggests that Theresa and Larry are headed for a rather nasty divorce.

With his business dissolved it appears that one Caputo may not have any money yet the other Caputo does thanks to her thriving career. This is usually a recipe for a battle or at least some bickering over who gets what out of the marriage dissolution.

Money Often Root of ‘Nasty Divorce’

Theresa holds the keys to her wealth and Larry’s business has dissolved. It looks as if RadarOnline may be taking a play from the Long Island Medium’s own book by making a prediction. They are predicting that “they could be in for a nasty fight over their collected fortune.”

People Magazine reported last month, Larry has moved on and he has himself a new love interest. He told a reporter that he is “fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special. But I’ll just leave it for that now.”

Earlier this spring it was revealed that while Theresa remained in New York to live, Larry moved out to Los Angeles. This put the couple on opposite coasts.

That was back in April when Theresa was still saying they were mulling over a possible reconciliation at that time. They were considering the possibility of reuniting on a “day by day” basis.

Reconciliation Not On Table?

Then in June Larry’s new relationship reveal seemed to put a different light on a “possible reconciliation” for the couple.

Will Theresa and Larry face each other in court for a “nasty” divorce or will the two continue with their amicable split as they reported in the past? When money is involved it is hard to say.

The naysayers out there who think that Theresa’s ability is nothing but an act will probably have a field day. With so many questions surrounding their divorce, there’s bound to be some suggestions that she can hone in on the future and predict it herself.

While that is what some may think, it is not how the Long Island Medium works. Theresa’s gig is talking to the dead and sharing the final words of the spirits to their loved ones who are still alive and kicking.

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