‘Long Island Medium’ Spoilers: Theresa Caputo Helps Plan a Wedding – Reunites With Larry Caputo

Long Island Medium spoilers reveal that Theresa Caputo and ex-husband Larry Caputo reunite at their daughter’s engagement party. This season fans will watch as Theresa Caputo navigates life after divorce. She has been going through a lot of changes. Although one thing remains the same. She continues to help people. This season Theresa will continue to share messages from loved ones who have passed on.

Don’t miss the season premiere of Long Island Medium on October 18 at 9 pm only on TLC.

Long Island Medium Spoilers: Theresa Caputo Celebrates Engagement News

After getting divorced from Larry, the last thing on Theresa Caputo’s mind is planning a wedding. Although, she won’t be the one walking down the aisle. This season, Long Island Medium fans will watch as her daughter, Victoria Caputo plans her wedding. Including the moment Victoria tries on wedding dresses. Like most moms, Theresa cries seeing her daughter in a wedding dress.

Long Island Medium spoilers show Theresa Caputo calling her ex-husband Larry Caputo. They discuss their daughter’s engagement party. So, they could both be on the same page in the planning.  Larry asks Theresa, “did we even have an engagement party?” He adds, “I don’t remember.” Theresa laughs and replies, “yes, do you remember that we got married?” Seems like Larry and Theresa are at least on good terms after splitting. 

Larry Caputo Goes Back To The East Coast

Larry Caputo moved to California after his marriage with Theresa Caputo ended. So, he has been living on the west coast. According to his social media, it looks like he has been enjoying himself there. Though, it must be hard for him to be so far away from his family. Who still currently live on the east coast. However, the Long Island Medium ex-husband is making the trip back to celebrate his daughter’s engagement. 

Long Island Medium spoilers hint that Larry Caputo reunites with Theresa Caputo. They both attend their daughter’s engagement party. However, Larry admits that he loves California. He states, “but I am excited to come back and celebrate.” Victoria is his little girl. Surely, he wouldn’t miss the celebration. Though he is “a little nervous about seeing everyone.” For Larry Caputo “it’s an emotional moment.” 

TLC’s Long Island Medium Continues To Share Healing Messages

Theresa Caputo has been delivering healing messages to people for many years. This season she continues to share her gift with others. Theresa admits that she doesn’t always listen to spirits. Yet, this season Theresa says that “as soon as I sense something I am going to say something.” She will be welcoming spirits into her life more than she has ever before.

Long Island Medium spoilers indicate that something happens to Theresa Caputo for the first time. She is used to being in the same room as the person she is reading. This season, Theresa goes inside a prison to meet a client. So this will be “the first time that I am not allowed to be in the same room with the person I am reading.”

The new season of Long Island Medium premieres October 18 on TLC at 9 pm.

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