‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa and Larry Caputo Back Together – Fans Cross Their Fingers?

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo and her ex-husband Larry Caputo created some chatter online recently about a possible reconciliation. That’s because Larry didn’t go away after the divorce like most people thought he would. It seems he keeps showing up on Long Island Medium lately.

Long Island Medium: How Can Theresa Caputo Not Love Larry Caputo?

Theresa Caputo has been very honest with her Long Island Medium followers when it comes to Larry Caputo. Yes, she still loves him, how can she not, which basically how Theresa answers any questions regarding her feelings today for her ex. But the 55-year-old New York native offers details around that love she feels for the father of her two kids.

Theresa Caputo explains how she started dating Larry when she was only 18. After 34-years of marriage, how can she not still love the guy, which is what Theresa Caputo said during a Long Island Medium interview last month.

The Long Island Medium opened up several times about her feelings for Larry Caputo after the two divorced in 2018. Theresa Caputo is not one to tone it down. Her heartfelt love for her ex-husband is heard loud and clear.

Long Island Medium: Larry Caputo - Unnamed Girlfriend


It’s Painful For Theresa Without Larry Around

The woman dubbed the Long Island Medium has said several times how painful it is for her with Larry no longer there. When some news pops up in her life, her fleeting thoughts often turn to her running to her ex-husband. But she remembers that’s not something she can do these days, Larry Caputo no longer there.

The Long Island Medium has also said that Larry’s absence is painful for her to deal with. She really loves the guy, he’s been her family member for most of her life. Fans also remind Theresa Caputo how he looks pretty good these days. She’s got a lot of people out there who would love to see this couple back together. But that’s probably not going to happen.

Now that her ex-hubby looks like he’s becoming somewhat of a regular on Long Island Medium, Theresa’s fans can only speculate and hope the two will rekindle what they once had. But despite Theresa’s honesty about the love she still has for this man, there’s no indication the two will reunite.

Long Island Medium: Fans Can’t Always Get What They Want

Yes, Larry is on Long Island Medium frequently this season but that’s because their daughter is about to marry. Victoria Caputo’s wedding brings her dad back and on the show leading up to her wedding.

While the Long Island Medium celeb harbors love for Larry, she moved on. Her ex moved on also, but a bit differently than Theresa. Larry is in a long-term relationship with a woman he first dated when they split up.

Fans lambasted this Long Island husband and father of two after Theresa Caputo was at home recuperating from surgery on her knee last year. He was nowhere to be found. Instead, he showed up online shopping with an unidentified blonde woman. This woman is believed to be his girlfriend still today.

Larry Caputo had posted a picture to his social media sites of him with his love interest a while back. He referred to her only as his “baby boo”. That didn’t go over too well with the Long Island Medium viewers. So it looks like that post, seen above, has since been deleted.

But while the Long Island Medium couple seemed to have moved on, it looks like some of their fans haven’t done that yet. Some of Theresa’s followers still want to see her back with her ex. But as they say in Hollywood and politics – never say never. Certainly stranger things have happened.

The Long Island Medium is currently airing Season 14 on Friday nights on TLC.

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