‘Little People, Big World’: Caryn Chandler Talks Gold Digger Reputation

Little People, Big World girlfriend Caryn Chandler hasn’t even gotten a ring yet. But some TLC fans have said that she is gold-digging Matt Roloff. Now, Caryn is no longer being quiet about it and is setting the record straight.

Little People, Big World: Caryn Chandler Loves Pumpkin Patch Matt Roloff

Caryn Chandler from Little People, Big World seemed to think it was pretty funny that people would think she was gold-digging Matt Roloff. In fact, Caryn even teased that she was “after the man with the Pumpkin farm” and laughed. She said that she knows what some LPBW followers have said that about her, but it’s not true.

Little People, Big World star Caryn Chandler gets a lot of hate from viewers the show. Despite that, it seems like Caryn did a good job of joining the family. She is involved with the kids and grandkids and obviously loves them all.

Caryn Chandler of Little People, Big World defenders said she does a lot for the family to simply be a gold-digger. Whatever the case, there are still plenty of people that continue to give her the side-eye. And many people are looking out to figure out if Matt Roloff will propose to her.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler

LPBW: Caryn Moving in on Amy Roloff’s Territory

Little People, Big World celebrity Amy Roloff isn’t a Caryn Chandler fan for obvious reasons. They try to be civil, but sometimes you can cut the tension with a knife. Amy doesn’t even like it when Chris Marek is nice to Matt Roloff.

It’s unlikely LPBW‘s Amy will ever be friendly with Caryn even though she will marry Chris soon. Caryn Chandler worked on the farm with Matt during Amy and Matt Roloff’s marriage. And most people think something took place before their marriage split.

Now that Matt bought Amy out, Little People, Big World fans said it seems like Amy Roloff might feel even more bitter. Recently, everyone got together at the farm, and Caryn didn’t look very happy. Viewers said it was natural that Caryn Chandler would look happy since she was the one that won the farm.

Little People, Big World: Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World: Trying to Keep the Peace

There are some events where the Little People, Big World family can’t keep things separate. Even though it is a little weird to see everyone together, birthdays and other holiday times mean they will have to see each other sometimes. During COVID, most people didn’t see each other, but as people get back together, the awkwardness restarts.

Little People, Big World viewers said they hoped the family can continue in a good direction. Even Jacob Roloff is coming back around to see both of his parents. In fact, Caryn Chandler and sweetie Matt Roloff even went up to visit his youngest son.

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