‘Little People, Big World’: Bode Roloff Left to Fend for Himself?

Little People, Big World cutie Bode Roloff is only a year old, but TLC fans said it looked like he was left to fend for himself recently. The family was out on a fun trip, and he was left looking a little lopsided in his stroller.

Little People, Big World: Bode Roloff Developing Independence

Bode Roloff from Little People, Big World was on the ski trip with his parents. Audrey Roloff said her whole family was there enjoying the slopes. Not long ago, she was teaching Ember Roloff how to ski and develop some independence, and now it looks like it’s Bode’s turn.

Well, it might not be LPBW cutie Bode’s turn to ski. But they are letting him be more independent by leaving him solo in his seat for a picture. Bode Roloff looked like he was about to fall over, but his coat and other cushion held him up for a short time.

Lifetime celebrity Bode didn’t quite make it to the slopes this time, but before long, he will be up with the rest of the family. Little People, Big World mom Audrey and Jeremy Roloff said it is so nice that their kids are getting big enough to do fun things with them. They love going out adventuring, and taking the kids has been something that was like the cherry on top.

Little People, Big World: Ember Roloff

Bode’s First Waterfall

Little People, Big World star Bode saw his first waterfall recently. Jeremy said that he didn’t really seem that interested in it, and you could tell that from the look on his face. Bode Roloff didn’t crack a smile during the family photos with the waterfalls.

Jeremy has been trying to keep active since he turned 30. He said that he knows if you don’t use it, then you’ll lose it, so he stays active. Ember even does a workout with him sometimes which is adorable.

Bode from Little People, Big World is a good workout partner. Especially when Jeremy Roloff has to tote him around on his back for long hikes. Fans said it is adorable to see them staying active together.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Ember Roloff- Bode Roloff

Little People, Big World: Enjoying Family Time

Audrey Roloff believes in the importance of making memories with those you love. Even though Bode of Little People, Big World is very young, they’ve already made so many great memories together. During the pandemic, it has been difficult for them, but they are always creative.

Bode loves watching his sister and mom put on disco parties. And he and Ember even push each other around in the stroller. Sometimes they do get stuck, and Ember Roloff gets tired of waiting on Bode Roloff to figure out how to unjam their buggy.

Little People, Big World fans said it is so nice to see Bode and Ember play together.

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